About Us

We connect pet breeders and pet sellers with pet lovers or buyers. We also run charity work to help homeless pets get adopted. : If you are looking for a pet that will love your family, we'll help you get a pet through Adopt-A–Pet (AAAP) programs in cities around the world. This service is free of charge.

We uses this platform as an opportunity not only by helping new adopters look into fostering their own families but also gives away more than 10 percent off adoption fees to homless pets get adopted.

We provide pet ads services in two categories:
1. Featured Pet Ads
2. Free Pet Ads.

Featured ads are live for 30 days for only $10.00 with no recurring charges. They are given high priority and they are marked as sponsored.

Free ads are live for 30 days but fall under the featured ads in the pecking order.

We have no strict rules on the type of pet to be sold on our platform, we are pet loves and all pets lives matters.

If you know of any homeless pet that need adoption, kindly reach out to us and we will list it for free. Our charity work goes a long way to help homeless pets get adopted.

Join Our Charity Work - Help a Pet Get Adopted

We list homeless pets for free.Your gift to petforsaletoday.com helps hundreds of thousands of pets be seen and adopted. See some of the pets we have helped get adopted and improved their living. Be counted among those who have helped a pet get adopted.