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About American Bulldog

Known for its strength and agility, the American Bulldog is a ferocious breed known for its skills that come in handy for farmers in activities such as bull baiting as well as other occupations. It is descended from the Old English bulldog, which was derived from war dogs like the Mastiff, and is native to England.

Experts believe it was brought over in the 17th century by working-class immigrants who used the dog on farms. To some, it was also known as the White English Southern Bulldog. Today, the English bulldog bears several similarities to its ancestors and was formally recognized by the United Kennel Club in 1999.

The American Bulldog’s Appearance

This dog is known for these physical traits:


Stocky and muscular


Large with a short muzzle

Visible underbite/ Mandibular prognathism with long lips



White, red, black, brown, brindle, merle, blue, or fawn-colored coat



Height at withers

Males - 22-25 inches

Females - 20 to 23 inches


Males - 75 to 100 pounds

Females - 60 to 120 pounds

Life expectancy

10 to 16 years


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American Bulldog Personality 

1. Friendly

These dogs are very friendly to their owners or caretakers once they identify them as such.

2. Faithful

Generally, dogs are known for being faithful to their owners, but this breed does it more so than other breeds, thanks to its role in farms and other jobs. This dog will keep strangers away from your property.

3. Hard-working

This dog can be described as a working dog. This is because it is used in farms to bait bulls and guard other animals but it can also be used to catch feral animals.

4. Affectionate

While dogs associated with pit bulls have a reputation as fearsome, they are affectionate towards their owners and love cuddling. Some pet owners even report that their dogs are clingy!

5. Easily trained

These dogs are eager to please their owners, and this trait, combined with their hard-working nature, make them good pets. 

6. Intelligent

This dog is highly intelligent and easily grasps new concepts and instructions, which makes them so easy to train. 

7. High energy

These dogs are always up for work or a good time, so you may need to give them several walks a day to avoid them destroying household items due to boredom. 

8. Stubborn

These pets are headstrong and will want to do things their way. As such, you should be a strict trainer and enforce discipline.

9. Territorial

Your dog will likely own his or her space and may not want other pets or larger dogs in their vicinity. However, this can be dealt with in training.

10. Aggressive

If they are not well trained to interact with people and other animals, they may show aggression which can lead to legal trouble if they hurt someone or another animal.

How To Care For Your Dog

1. American Bulldog Diet

Below are some tips you can utilize when feeding your pet:

  • Avoid giving them human foods, especially snacks, many of which are full of preservatives and fats that will negatively affect their health.
  • Give quality dog food. If you are unsure of what brand to buy, consult your vet for ideas. 
  • Feed according to age. A puppy has different needs compared to an elderly dog, so be sure to feed them appropriate foods. 
  • Avoid kibble as it may contain excess carbohydrates, which strains their digestive system. 
  • Rather, offer raw dog food or meat.

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2. Physical Exercise

Due to its high levels of energy, this dog benefits from daily walks. This helps them stay healthy and expend extra energy they would have instead used on their shoes! Overall, experts recommend at least one hour of exercise per day.

You may also find the dog some interactive toys to keep them stimulated. These include squeaker toys, chew toys, and more. 

3. How To Maneuver Grooming

This dog has a short coat, which makes it easy to groom. With a simple brush, you can help your pet avoid shedding and keep their coat smooth. Experts also recommend regular brushing and baths when necessary can also help you check the dog’s skin for nicks and parasites. You can find quality shampoos in stores or at a vet’s office just as easily as you would find American bulldog puppy for sale.

4. Common Allergies

Your dog is likely at risk of the allergies like dust mites, chocolate, pollen, and mold.

You can tell when your dog is having an allergic reaction when they exhibit a runny nose, skin irritation, red and itchy eyes, sneezing, vomiting, and excess shedding.

5. Diseases To Watch Out For

The following are some common ailments your pup may face:

  • Obesity
  • Dry eyes
  • Deafness (inherited)
  • Hip dysplasia (weak hip joints)
  • Loose knees / patellar luxation
  • Mange
  • Dry eyes/poor tear production
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Kidney stones

Where To Find American Bulldogs For Sale

If you are looking to find a purebred adult or some American bulldog puppies for sale near me, you are sure to find help online. However, not all sellers are honest or ethical. Hence you can benefit from seeking American bulldog puppy for sale on our site!

You can find both adults and puppies here, whether for free or for a small price. Please note that aside from ads for an “American bulldog for sale near me”, we can also connect you with an Akita to adopt or buy.

Pros and Cons


  • They do well in apartments if given regular walks
  • Good with children
  • Low maintenance due to little shedding
  • Easily trained
  • Easily adapted to new environments and different climates
  • Good for security and defense


  • Can be aggressive if threatened or not socialized
  • Stubborn
  • Needs supervision or companionship

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should my American bulldog take baths?

Yes, at least every six weeks, but you can also do weekly baths with vet-approved shampoos.

2. How should I discipline my dog?

You should avoid harsh punishments and let them think about their mistake first to help them improve their behavior. You may also use positive reinforcement (petting, treats, etc.) to prevent fear and aggression. 

3. What games can I play with my dog?

Your dog will likely enjoy games like fetch and tug of war.

4. What is the price of an American Bulldog?

The American bulldog price ranges from $1500 to $3000, while a puppy is $800 to $2000. This depends on its health, age, and other factors.

5. How can I tell when my bulldog is happy?

When your bulldog is happy, they will play and jump freely, and wag their tail.

6. Can dogs drink milk?

Yes, but in small quantities as too much leads to reactions like vomiting and diarrhea.


To sum it up, the American bulldog traces its origin to England, where its ancestor, the Old English bulldog was a working dog. This dog is muscular and highly intelligent, so people seeking a dog for herding, security, or even companionship will enjoy having it. However, they need regular exercise and regular vet visits to avoid illness and boredom. All this knowledge is essential when seeking out American bulldog puppies for sale near me, and helps prepare you to adopt the many pups in our listings.