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About American Hairless Terrier

Hello, allergic people? You want a dog in your life, but you can't deal with all that hair and what it does to you. Well, here is an American hairless terrier for sale – a dog that you can call 'naked' since it's hairless. It's also a terrier, so expect it to have that jaunty step as it approaches you, and the playfulness is part of the character. Going hairless is okay, but that also poses a few challenges. Here are a few things about the hairless American terrier you deserve to know as you purchase via the ads above.

American Hairless Terrier Overview


12-16 inches


12-16 pounds


Hairless apart from the eyebrows and whiskers. The coat variety has a short and soft coat.

Coat Color

It varies greatly on the hairless skin. Common colors include black, blue, chocolate, red, lemon, and apricot. These colors can also combine with white.


Intelligent, playful, alert, loyal

Litter Size

3-5 puppies


14-16 years



American Hairless Terrier History

We can call it a newbie since dog breeds date back to earlier than the Middle Ages. In 1972, Edwin Scott from the US was breeding the rat terriers. After the female gave birth, he noticed one of the puppies (Josephine) was completely hairless. At first, he thought it was normal since these terriers have downy hair that falls off after some weeks. Josephine was the dog that Edwin used to breed the hairless terriers. The breed was called the hairless or rat terrier variety during this time.

The careful breeding continued until the AKC recognized the breed in 2016. Some American hairless terrier puppies are born with a thin coat. Such are called the coated AHTs (American Hairless Terriers). Until today, the hairless terrier still has most of the Rat terrier characteristics. In most cases, people use the 'AHT' abbreviation.

Other Hairless Breeds

Apart from the American hairless terrier, there are a few other dog breeds without hair. Some are rare, and dog clubs or registries do not recognize them. They include:

  • Hairless Chihuahua
  • Jonangi
  • Chinese crested
  • Argentine Pila dog
  • Abyssinian sand terrier
  • American hairless terrier pitbull mix
  • Hairless Khala
  • Xoloitzcuintli

We have some of these breeds ready for purchase in addition to the American hairless terrier puppies for sale. Check on the ads above to see if a breeder is near you for a quick delivery.

The Appearance

An American hairless terrier resembles a medium-sized rat terrier in body structure. That should also tell you that most of these dog’s body looks (and characteristics) come from the rat terrier. The hairless terrier will have the following features:

  • Body: Well-muscled, has sturdy shoulders, a deep chest, strong legs, and a solid neck.
  • Ears: They are erect when the dog shows you it's alert.
  • Tail: It's full length, and it bends downward. Some of them are docked, but that is against the classification regulations.
  • Skin: Since it's hairless here, you see the color of the skin. Variations include pink with gray, red, golden, or black spots.
  • Haired spots: The dog breed has eyebrows and whiskers.

NB: You may get a coated American hairless terrier. In that case, there is short and sparse hair on the body. Hairless to hairless breeding will give you hairless pups. If there is a coated American hairless terrier involved, that is when you get puppies with sparse hair. The hairless type has hair during birth that falls off after the sixth week.

Character Traits

American hairless terriers are small dogs with a big personality. If you know how Cairn Terriers behave, then you have an idea already. Since they are terriers, the energy level is always on the roof, and they will always let you know when there is an issue. At times, they are too vocal, which can be unpleasant. You can, however, counter that with proper training. The recommended time when these dogs should be alone is 4-6 hours. Otherwise, they are another dog breed that prefers something other than that home-alone action.

This terrier breed will also want your validation and attention. So, they suit a big family with a big yard or active people in urban areas. Since they are small, expect them to display their Napoleon complex, but you can handle that through early training and socialization. American hairless terriers are smart dogs, and they are also curious. They may sometimes test you, but their heart is always with you, hence their pleasing nature. Regular training can, however, declare where those boundaries should be. Please don't be disappointed when the dog crosses, though (since they sometimes do it).

When they don’t want to display their energy, they will be by your side asking for that cuddle. They like to stick around their main person, but that does not mean they will ignore other family members. What you will note is that they can be choosy at times.

American Hairless Terrier Care and Maintenance

Training and Exercise

The hardest part in training an American hairless terrier is recall. You have to work on this part until it gets it. Always keep the dog on a leash in areas that could tempt it to start a chase. Being smart combines with stubbornness, which may bring more hardships during training. Do not force anything. Instead, use positive training and reward the dog when it behaves well. Training sessions should be short and fun to yield the best results. Since it's an active dog, ensure that it has something to do most of the time.

Do not exercise the dog in direct sun, in any case. The exercises can be intensive but short. A fetch play will suffice if done for the next 30 minutes. Since it’s a terrier, that digging habit is still in there. So, get some sandpits or have a garden space to keep the dog busy when it’s time to ‘dig out the vermin.’ If you like to take the dog out, be careful if it goes into areas full of thorns and other objects that can damage its skin.


This dog requires a small-to-medium breed diet with a high energy level. It's also another dog that is prone to obesity, which calls for watching the food intake and the treats. Feeding the dog twice a day is suitable and ensure the food is equal during the feeding times. Like other dogs, the American hairless terrier will have different dietary requirements based on age and size. If you need feeding advice, ask a vet for the best diet recommendations for the dog.  


The American hairless terrier needs basic grooming. Since there is no hair to brush, that minimizes the need for regular attendance. The skin is exposed to the air, which calls for other measures. You can shower the dog once a week and use a shampoo for such dogs. During hot weather, you must apply moisturizing sunscreen on the dog. The one formulated for toddlers is much better in this case.

If the need arises, cover the dog’s skin if there is there is too much heat from the sun. During cold weather, the dog will need a jacket just like you. While indoors (during winter), let the dog wear a sweater, especially in drafty homes. Other cleanup requirements include trimming the nails monthly, cleaning the ears, and brushing the teeth once or twice a week.

Health Issues

An American hairless terrier is a healthy dog but is also subject to some health conditions. It may not suffer from every disease in the list below, but it's a good idea to be aware as you purchase one.

Should You Buy an American Hairless Terrier?

As you look for a cute American hairless terrier to be your next best friend, here are a few things you should know.


  • Playful and loyal
  • Energetic
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Perfect watchdogs


  • They bark a lot
  • Their skin is sensitive to extreme weather conditions
  • They can be stubborn

The American Hairless Terrier Price

An American hairless terrier puppy from a reputable breeder will cost you between $800 and $1,800. High-quality puppies will cost up to $4,000. A full-grown American hairless terrier is rare, but you can get one from rescue homes for $300-$500. The high American hairless terrier price range is due to the rareness of this dog breed. We, however, have breeders in several states with the puppies ready for purchase. You can also opt for an American hairless terrier adoption option which may cost you much less. As you purchase, ensure that you have the dog’s full information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the American hairless terrier and the Xolo?

The American hairless terrier is a recent breed (developed in 1972) from the rat terriers. The dog breed is born with a thin coat that falls off after a few weeks. The Xolo (Mexican hairless dog) is an ancient breed on Mexican soil for millenniums. At birth, Xolo (Xoloitzcuintli) puppies have no hair. 

What is unique about the American hairless terrier?

It is an American dog breed that developed as hairless from the rat terrier. It requires less grooming than other dogs, but it's a dog that requires clothing during cold weather and sunscreen when the sun is hot. It also requires lots of exercise, which should happen in moderate temperatures.

Does an American hairless terrier bark a lot?

This is a dog that will bark at anything unusual. It will bark all the time, but with training, you can control that.

Is an American hairless terrier good for the kids?

It is a dog good for the older kids. It also suits family life, but you will notice that it chooses to be on the owner's side more than the other family members.

What are the risks of owning an American hairless terrier?

This dog does not suit anyone who lives in extreme weather conditions. Some health conditions will also involve the skin if exposed to too much heat or cold.

Wrapping Up

You may be used to the hairy terriers, but the Americans developed a hairless one, and it is here to stay. We advocate these dogs to anyone with allergy problems. It's under the hypoallergenic category since it does not have hair to ruin your day. To grab one today, you can check the American hairless terrier puppies for sale in the ads at the top. There are breeders near your location, and they are also in several states.