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About Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dog is a great breed that is loyal and intelligent. If you are looking for an energetic companion that remains active in household duties, then you got one. It's one of the breeds that has a legendary work ethic and won’t disappoint you.

Be prepared to provide the best nutrition, regular mental and physical stimulation exercises, and firm and constant training.  

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Learn more about this breed's appearance and characteristics.

What's the Origin of the Australian Cattle Dog?

This pooch has its origin in Australia. It was bred in the 19th Century by Australian settlers to herd their cattle on large ranches. The present Australian Cattle Dog is a result of cross-breeding.

Australian Cattle Dogs Species Overview

Common names

 Australian shepherd husky mix, Australian shepherd Siberian husky mix, husky and Australian shepherd mix, Ausiee Siberian


Blue, blue and tan, blue-black and tan, blue speckled, red, red and tan, or red speckled


Females are heavier than  males ( 14-23 kg males)


females are slightly smaller than males, females (43-48 cm) and males ( 46-51cm)



Life span

12-16 years


Medium hair

Country of origin



Australian Cattle Dog Characteristics

The Australian Cattle Dog has a sturdy, masculine body that shows agility and strength. The other features are as follows:

  • Coat – color ranges from blue to blue speckled or red speckled. Also, have tan color around the face, neck, chest, and hindquarters. The skin is double-layered and water-resistant. The outer coat is dense and straight, while the undercoat is short and soft.
  • Head – Australian Cattle Dog has a broad and slightly rounded skull. Its muzzle has an average length and tapers to a black nose. It has strong scissor-like jaws.
  • Eyes – eyes are oval-shaped and dark brown. It gives an impression of alertness and intelligence.
  • Ears –the ears are moderately sized, pricked, and set wide apart. They are also erect and sensitive to detect sounds efficiently.
  • Tail - Australian Cattle Dog has an average long and low-set tail at rest. It raises the tail when alert and active.
  • Feet – closed-packed feet with curved toes. The pads are tough and offer excellent traction, thus well adapted for herding roles.

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What is the Temperament and Personality of the Australian Cattle Dog?

  1. Intelligent – this dog is a quick learner and strives to please you. This intelligence helps them to succeed in various tasks and become receptive to training.
  2. Energetic – Australian Cattle Dog has a lot of energy and stamina. It's well adapted to working long hours, thus prefers active environments for physical and mental stimulation. Therefore, you should offer regular exercise for your dog.
  3. Protective – this dog is highly sensitive and naturally protective of their family and property. Hence it makes an excellent watchdog for your herd and even property; it will alert you in case of any threat or strangers.
  4. Loyal – this dog becomes close to its owner and is devoted to helping with various duties.
  5. Independent – sometimes, Australian Cattle Dogs can become stubborn even with their intelligence. It can tend to rely on its ideas and make decisions, so it's best to offer appropriate, firm, and consistent training to curb this behavior. Otherwise, the dog will become notorious and fail to become the best companion.
  6. Reserved with Strangers – this pooch is very cautious with strangers and needs socialization from a young age, especially for all family members.

How to Care for Australian Cattle Dog


Australian Cattle Dog requires high-quality food as per their life stage. As a working dog, it needs additional nutrients to meet the energy requirements. Control the dog's daily calorie intake to less than 10% to maintain health. Learn the basics of calorie intake in dogs.

The dog’s diet should be rich in protein to provide energy. Fibers are suitable to help in the digestive process. Other essential nutrients are fatty acids that help to maintain the skin's health. Vitamin A is also necessary for preventing progressive retinal atrophy. Vitamin D and calcium are best to guard against hip dysplasia.

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American cattle dog has a weatherproof coat that requires regular brushing. It’s easy to clean the dog since it lacks odor and oil residues. Brushing daily ensures you remove cast-off undercoat and minimize shedding.

A good bath is also appropriate for your dog to give it a good look. Remember also to trim their nails and brush their teeth. Good oral hygiene will keep your dog safe from infections.


This dog is very active and can work the whole day. Due to its high stamina, the dog requires a lot of exercise to be happy and become a healthy companion. Consider long walks, swimming, and hiking. Other activities that the dog enjoys are agility, rally, competitive obedience, and other sports.


Australian Cattle Dogs like training, and it’s quick to grasp new commands and tricks. Ensure the activities are fun and take a short time. Also, the activities shouldn’t be repetitive to avoid boring your dog. Consistency in training and giving rewards to your dog is the best practice for training.

Health Conditions

American cattle dogs are healthy but are prone to certain health conditions. If your dog lacks a well-balanced diet and other related factors come into place, it can suffer from the following:

  • Progressive retinal atrophy – diseases that affect the retina. The dog starts by becoming night blind and later progresses to loss of vision
  • Hip dysplasia – thighbone fails to fit snugly into the hip joint
  • Deafness – occurs mainly in puppies when they are still young

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Which Breeds Are Similar to Australian Cattle Dogs?

 Some dogs are similar to Australian Cattle Dogs are:

  • Border collies – a herding gig that is intelligent and alert. It's easy to train.
  • Welsh corgis – well-built body like Australian Cattle Dog
  • German shepherd – has pointed ears and is always alert
  • Australian shepherd husky – intelligent, active, and does well in several working tasks and dog sports. It has similar colors and coat types to Australian Cattle Dog.
  • Belgian Malinois – has a high work drive like Australian cattle. It’s also known for agility and versatility. It's mainly used for military and police work. Check out Belgian Malinois as a warrior in military roles.
  • Kelpie – it's a working dog, just like Australian cattle. Kelpie also helps in herding livestock.
  • Catahoula leopard dog – it’s best in herding and working. It’s similar to the Australian cattle appearance, but the coat colors and patterns are different. Catahoula leopard dog combines blue, amber, brown, and green colors.  

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Would You Consider Australian Cattle Dog?

Before viewing Australian Cattle Dog for sale near me ads, check out its pros and cons.  

Pros of Australian Cattle Dog

  • Hard-working
  • Intelligent and curious
  • Easy to train
  • Fearless, confident, and steady
  • Short and easy-to-maintain coat
  • Good companions and love their families

Cons of Australian Cattle Dog

  • Becomes stubborn at times
  • Can’t be left behind
  • Requires intense physical and mental stimulation to avoid boredom
  • Can be determined and have an independent mind

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Australian Cattle Live in Apartments?

No, this breed requires a spacious environment for its activities. Australian Cattle Dog is an energetic breed that likes working. Therefore, an apartment will be boring for the dog and become destructive. However, with an open compound, the dog will be free to explore and run around.

2. Does the Australian Cattle Dog Relate Well with Other Animals?

This breed will display itself when in a group of other animals. When with other pets, it tends to herd even dogs and keep them in a group. Despite the herding, it gets along with all the animals, though they may tend to chase the smaller pets.

3. Are Australian Cattle Dogs Aggressive?

No, these dogs aren’t aggressive though their protective natures scare off strangers. If you train your puppy well at a young age on socialization with different people, animals, and environments, you will reduce any potential aggression behaviors.

4. Do Australian Cattle Dogs Shed A lot?

No, an Australian Cattle Dog has a moderate shedding pattern throughout the year. Regular brushing control shedding and maintains a clean and healthy coat.

5. How Much Can I Purchase an Australian Cattle Dog? 

 Depending on the breed quality, the training skills, and the family tree, a mature Australian Cattle Dog's price ranges between $2000 to $3500. While Australian Cattle Dog puppy price is around $ 400 - $ 1000. So, browse the list of Australian Cattle dogs for sale near me, and get the most affordable and healthy pet.

Bottom Line

Australian cattle is an adventurous, agile, and intelligent dog. It's obedient, loyal, and protective. This breed thrives in a spacious household with activities to meet its natural needs. It also needs proper diet, grooming, and regular health checkups to prevent infections.  

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