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About Beabull

Beabull is the epitome of charm and charisma, with a  big heart as its drooping ears. This dog is a crossbreed between an English Bulldog and a Beagle. It's an affectionate pet and a spirited companion. Beabull is most recognized for its even temperament, good manners, and kid-friendly character.  

This breed matches all kinds of families: active, laid back, adults, and families with kids. If you want this blend of alluring, strength, and friendliness, view Beabull puppy for sale near me or Beabull dogs for sale from the above ads.

Check out this article for more facts on the breed’s characteristics, care, and unique qualities.

The Origin of Beabull Breed

Beabull was bred as a hunting dog with a well-developed sense of smell. Beabull is a designer dog from Bulldogs and Beagles. Its origin is unknown and not well documented. Around the 20th century, Beabull gained popularity as an excellent family pet due to its good looks and wonderful personality.

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What’s the Appearance of Beabull?

  • Its body is lean and barrel-shaped, with a long muzzle and droopy ears like a Beagle's. Some have underbites and wrinkles.
  • This Beagle-Bulldog mix exists in small body sizes, though there are extraordinary ones. Some Beabulls are mini, others toys or teacup Beabulls. The teacup Beabulls are bred from Pocket Beagles, smaller than the standard.
  • The Beabull has a soft coat that's rough on the top. The coat has unique colors like white, brown, golden, spotted, brindle, and merle. If you are looking forward to such a beautiful and mannered pet, peruse the above ads for Beabull puppies for sale near me or Beabull puppy for sale.

Behavioral Issues of Issues of Beabull

Beabulls tend to develop funny behaviors, which can sometimes be annoying if not well-trained. These bad traits include:


These dogs may start biting people, especially at the puppy stage. Their nibbles can be painful since Beabulls have strong jaws, just like their Bulldog parents. Avoid playing with the pup when they start biting to curb this behavior. You can still give the pup a chew toy to teach them to bite appropriately.


It seems ironical to say Beabull howls, yet they are known as calm canines, but this is a fact. Beabulls will howl when bored or experiencing separation anxiety. To eliminate this habit, engage your pet in walks and games such as puzzles to keep it under control.

What Should You Know About Beabull’s Health?

Beabulls suffer from several health issues that may affect their lifespan if not well treated. Some of the common health conditions in these dogs include:

  • Brachycephaly – having a short nose structure that causes breathing issues. As a precaution, always supervise your dog when it’s playing outdoors during hot weather. The flat face condition causes breathing difficulties and heat regulation.
  • Interverbal disc disease – the dog's spine may rupture, causing fluid leaks. This incident leads to severe pain and inflammation and may inhibit mobility.
  • Hypothyroidism – The thyroid becomes underactive, leading to more weight, hair loss, and mental dullness.
  • Eye issues – conditions such as cherry eye, cataracts, and progressive atrophy may affect your pet at one point in life. While purchasing your Beabull, always crosscheck their eye health with an ophthalmologist.

A healthy Beabull can live from 10-13 years. So, better health, quality diet, and fitness will influence your dog’s lifespan.

Beabull Nutrition

Beabull dogs can consume 1.5- 2 cups of quality meals daily. The exact food amount for your pet will depend on the individual’s size and energy levels. Beabulls require high-quality dry kibble rich in proteins to maintain their lean bodies. Also, monitor your dog's food and treat it to prevent obesity. The following practices are necessary for your Beabull diet:

  • Balanced diet – for high immunity
  • Portion control – to prevent obesity
  • Regular feeding schedule – to establish a feeding routine for your dog. You can gather more feeding tips for your dog in this article.

Exercise Requirements for Beabull

Beabull dog requires 45- 60 minutes of exercise every day. If your dog inherits the parents' prey instincts, don’t take it outdoors off-leash. Another precaution is to watch over your dog as it exercises due to the flat face complications like difficulty breathing.

Activities keep your dog fit, control boredom, and prevent negative behaviors. Some of these exercises you can consider for your dog include:

  • Long daily walks
  • Mental activities like playing with puzzle toys, play sessions
  • Swimming
  • Fetch games
  • Hiking
  • Obedience training
  • Agility training

Training Needs for Beabull

Your Beabull should learn to socialize well from a very young age. Introduce your pet to different people, animals, colors, environments, and sounds. It’s also best to enroll the dog in obedience training to regulate its stubbornness. In your training, ensure you are patient with the pup, establish boundaries,  and be consistent. 


Beabull is easy to groom because it has short hair and a tight, shiny coat. It would help to brush the coat once or twice a week, depending on its condition. Also, bathe the dog once in two months except when it gets too dirty after exercising. 

Some individuals may inherit the sensitive coat of a Bulldog. So, use gentle bathing products on your dog's skin. If the pup has folds or rolls, you must regularly wipe them with the right products.

What are the Costs of Raising Beabull?

Raising a Beabull involves various expenses, costing $800 - $2500,  though this range varies with individuals. Some of the expenses to expect include:

  • Beabull price - $500 -$2500
  • Adoption fees - $50 - $500
  • Vaccinations - $50 -$200 annually
  • Food - $20- $6 per month
  • Pet insurance - $30- $50 monthly

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Beabulls Easy to Train?

Yes, Beabulls are trainable and intelligent. They thrive best with positive reinforcements, consistency, and patience. Other breeds that are easy to train include Border Collie and Papillion.

2. Do Beabulls Shed a Lot? Do I have to worry about this?

No, Beabulls shed moderately and have a short coat. So, coat care is easy in terms of brushing and bathing the dog. However, regular brushing is recommended during the shedding period.

3. How Big Do Beabulls Get When Mature?

Beabulls are medium-sized dogs that weigh 30-50 pounds and 12-16 inches.

4. Are Beabulls Good Family Dogs?

These canines are the best family dogs because of their pleasing personality. They are affectionate pets, good-mannered, and very trustworthy.

5. Are Beabulls Aggressive?

 No, these dogs aren't aggressive; they are calm. Beabulls make the best choices for families with kids because they are very gentle. But, you must train the children to handle dogs for a better relationship.

Final Remarks

In summary, Beabull pup has something to offer for everyone, thus a fit for every family. They can lie lazily on the couch, experience bursts of energy, or engage in outdoor activities like walks.                                  

This pooch is a friendly, outgoing pet that gets along well with people. So, they will become the best companions with proper attention, active activity engagement, and good behavior training.

So, own your pup today by browsing the ads above for Beabull dogs for sale or Beabull for sale near me. Additionally, learn caring techniques for your pup from this guide.