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About Bohemian Shepherd

If you are searching for a friendly dog, loyal with a calm personality, it's best to consider Bohemian Shepherd. This dog is easy-to-manage and to train. Bohemian Shepherd will help control livestock, protect them and your property.

This article will explore Bohemian Shepherd traits, caring needs, and most frequently asked questions. Learn how to care for Bohemian Shepherds and peruse Bohemian Shepherd puppies for sale near me or Bohemian Shepherd puppies for sale USA.

Bohemian Shepherd Dog History

Bohemian Shepherd originated from the Czech Republic in the 14th Century though its history dates back to 1325 when Bohemian Shepherd was used for patrol. However, this breed is not popular like German Shepherd, (which looks similar) because its breeding program started late in 1984.

During that era, Bohemian Shepherds lived well with people and became friendly, and sensible dogs. However, during the Second World War II, its population declined.

General Overview

Common Names

Chomsky Pes, Czech Sheepdog, Bohemian Herder, Chodenhund

Breed type

Pure breed


Fluidly and effortless 

Shedding level


Litter size

4-6 puppies


Energetic, agile, calm, friendly, devoted, versatile


Walking, playtime, hiking, dog sports


9-13 years


Physical Characteristics of Bohemian Shepherd

Bohemian Shepherd has a medium and compact body. Its hair is long, glossy, and rough. Sometimes the coat can be straight or wavy with a short undercoat. Bohemian Shepherd hair covers the earlobes and forms brushes at the base. Other beautiful dogs, like Bohemian Shepherds, include Samoyeds and Australian Shepherds.

Bohemian Shepherd coat colors are black and with tan markings on the ears, face, throat, feet, legs, and tail. Other features of this dog are:

  • Ears – medium ears that are triangular shaped and erect
  • Eyes – has almond shape and brown eyes and shows a docile expression
  • Neck – long
  • Back – straight and firm back
  • Size – height of 19-22 inches and weight of 35-60 pounds
  • The muzzle, lips, and nose – have dark pigments
  • Tail – densely covered with hair

The Behavior of Bohemian Shepherd

Bohemian Shepherd is a devoted companion and the best watchdog. Other personality traits are:

  • They are less vocal dogs and only bark to alert you of the danger
  • Calm and friendly dog to its family
  • Brilliant dog
  • Eager to learn new tricks
  • Bohemians can play several roles: service animals, search and rescue, therapy, and scent-tracking dogs.
  • Always needs company
  • Cautious with strangers
  • Protective to property and livestock
  • Works well alongside other pack members

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How to Train Bohemian Shepherd

Bohemian Shepherd is the best dog for owners or professionals because it enjoys training. It’s also brilliant and thus will grasp instructions easily. Your task is to train your puppy early and use positive techniques.

The kind of training you can offer to your dog includes agility, obedience, and socialization. For instance, you can train your pet to be social through walks in the neighborhood or visits to dog parks.

Always keep your dog in a secure yard while training to prevent distractions. Bohemian Shepherd’s herding instincts can make them chase smaller animals. This breed excels in sports activities and is often employed in military, police, search, and rescue missions.

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Training a dog can be tiring if it’s not smart and eager to learn. If you want an intelligent and obedient dog like Bohemian Shepherd, you can opt for Papillon or Corgi.

Bohemian Shepherd Health Care

Your pet can live healthily if you choose a quality breed and provide the best care. Nevertheless, these dogs are still susceptible to various diseases:

  • Bloat – Bohemian Shepherds suffer from gastric dilation that causes death if the bloated belly twists
  • Eye conditions – they include lens luxation and Progressive retinal allotropy
  • Dysplasia – suffers from hip and elbow dysplasia

Exercise Tips for Bohemian Shepherd

Bohemian Shepherd is a working dog, so it’s best to keep it occupied. If you don’t have working activities, engage the dog in quality exercises for at least one hour daily. Keep your dog in a spacious environment to give room for roaming and exploration, thus preventing boredom.

Engage your dog in walks, hikes, and active play to keep them in good shape. They will also enjoy sporting activities such as dock diving and competitive obedience. Get more tips on dock diving here.

Grooming Care for Bohemian Shepherd

Maintain good hygiene for your dog to prevent infections and keep it neat. Ensure you take care of the following:

  • Coat – brush the hair twice a week and frequently in the shedding seasons to keep it neat
  • Body – bathe your dog once a month with the gentle cleaning agents
  • Nails – trim the nails when they get long to prevent injuries and accumulation of dirt
  • Teeth – brush the teeth twice or thrice a week for good oral hygiene

Feeding Your Bohemian Shepherd

Provide sufficient food to your dog depending on its age and activity level. For instance, for a mature and active dog, you should do more food than a puppy that's still less active. Since Bohemian Shepherd is an energetic dog, give it formulated feeds for medium dogs.  

Remember to distribute the feeds in small options to prevent bloat, a risky condition resulting from gluttonous feeding.

What’s the Cost of Bohemian Shepherd?

Bohemian Shepherd puppy's price ranges between $700 -$1000 as they are very rare. Sometimes it's hectic to get breeders or even owners with this pet. However, on this page, you can find Bohemian Shepherd ads for sale and adoption. A mature Bohemian Shepherd's price range can be around $1000-$3000, depending on pedigree and location.  

 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Bohemian Shepherds Aggressive?

No, this breed isn’t aggressive despite its energy and protective nature. Bohemian Shepherds are affectionate to their families and social with other pets. They will only show aggression to alert you when of danger.  

2. What are the Uses of Bohemian Shepherd?

This breed is very unique and can offer various services to its owners. It can be a perfect companion pet, working dog, therapy, or watchdog. The security department, like the police and military, can use it for search and rescue missions. 

3. Why are Bohemian Shepherds Rare?

These dogs are rare because the breeding process was delayed to start despite them originating in the 14th Century. The breeding plans began in 1984; thus, its population is still low.

4. What is the Difference between German Shepherd and Bohemian Shepherd?

German shepherds and Bohemian shepherds are similar though they have different sizes. The German Shepherd is larger than the Bohemian Shepherd. However, both have black and tan coats and erect ears.   

5. What is Bohemian Shepherd Known For?

Chez Sheepdogs are famous for their affectionate, loyal, and intelligent personality. These dogs also have high energy levels, are protective, and are less aggressive. Unlike German Shepherd, it's smaller in size and thus easy to maintain.

In Conclusion

 Bohemian Shepherd is the best breed for those who want medium watchdogs. It's a friendly, devoted, gracefully built, and easy-to-please pet. This dog is also intelligent and eager to learn, so you will enjoy training it in the best behaviors. Additionally, it's less aggressive, and families can enjoy their company, even kids.

Chomsky Pes will serve you best if you are an active owner. But, if you are busy elsewhere, use this pet, and a working dog may be on the farm to keep it active. Own this lovely breed today by viewing the posted ads above for Bohemian Shepherd puppies for sale ads.