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About Bracco Italiano

Bracco Italiano is a large dog with a height of 67cm. The breed’s head has a funny appearance that makes them look old. Their face has few wrinkles while the neck has folded, especially when in a seated position.  

Bracco is an excellent hunting dog that focuses on birds. It has a short, dense, and shiny coat. These dogs appear in mixed colors of brown and white, pure white, and white with orange. It's a very calm dog, and you will like having it around.

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What’s the History and Origin of Bracco Italiano?

Bracco Italiano roots run from the 5th Century BC. This breed comes from Italy as a crossbreed between Molossian and Arabian-African greyhound. This dog was bred to hunt birds and flushing game by the falconers. Bracco Italiano was introduced in the US 1990s.

What’s the Appearance of Bracco Italiano?

Bracco Italiano has all the traits of other hunting dogs. It's very masculine and strong, tall with more weight. Its height is 21-27 inches, and its weight range is 55-90. The dog's coat is white with patches or a roan pattern, a mix of white and orange hairs.

They have a large head and nose that helps detect scents in puppies. The eyes portray intelligence; the ears are long and have wrinkled skin around the face. The eyelids, lips, pads, and nose have different pigmentation; they can be light pink to dark brown. Finally, its tail is thick and straight.

 General Overview of the Bracco Italiano

Common Name

Bracco Italiano


55-90 pounds


21-27 inches


10-14 years

Coat colors and pattern

Chocolate, brown, red, and white  

Speckled/ bicolor/ ticked


Willful, gentle, friendly, loyal



Type of  a dog

gundog breed, pointer

What are the Pointer Dogs?

Pointer dogs are also called bird dogs, which is a type of gundog used for hunting game. These dogs are best at hunting and are great family companions. These breeds remain calm at home but active in the field. Pointers dogs also protect their families due to their hunting instincts. 

Apart from Bracco Italiano, other examples of pointer dogs are Brittany and Vizsla. The common traits of pointer dogs include:

  • High energy
  • Intelligent
  • Best in tracking and nose work
  • Excel as retrievers
  • Require more physical and mental exercises to utilize their energy

What are the Traits of Bracco Italiano?

Bracco Italiano is a lovely pet and intelligent. Most dog owners like it due to the following personality:

  • It's social with small pets like cats
  • Bracco Italiano is a good companion and always like being around people
  • It’s very determined and hardworking
  • It does well in homes with a yard
  • Likes an owner who is active in hiking, walking, and running to accompany you

How to Care for Bracco Italiano?


These dogs like being active in the field. So, before owning this pet, consider a schedule of activities to engage it and a spacious home compound. This canine likes exercises and sometimes may not get enough, but ensure you engage it at least 2 hours a day.

It requires strenuous activities due to its high stamina, such as:


Bracco Italiano is an intelligent gundog that requires more patience and consistency while training. Ensure that every time your dog is on a leash, it prevents it from running away. Apply the following tips during training:

  • Start training the dog at an early age
  • Use positive reinforcements
  • Short training sessions and unique
  • Be patient when training

Right Diet

Bracco Italiano has a good appetite to sustain their huge body. It requires a proper diet to provide energy for their hunting duty. Ensure their diet is rich in vitamins and minerals. You should feed your canine three cups of nutritious feed daily or more. However, if you increase the food portion, ensure your dog gets ample exercise.


Feed your dog the appropriate diet and maintain its hygiene to keep it healthy. Ensure your Bracco Italiano puppy gets vaccinated against severe illnesses and has regular health checkups. Also, watch out for the following health conditions and seek help when necessary:

  • Ear mites – the dog experiences itchiness and head shaking; mites are contagious
  • Entropion – eyelids roll inwards, and the lash scratches over the surface. It causes pain and ulcers
  • Gastric dilation volvulus – dog's stomach twists and traps the gases and food intents inside

Grooming Your Bracco Italiano

Bracco Italiano has a dense coat that sheds moderately. Thus, the dog requires thorough brushing at least once a week to keep it neat. Since it's also very active in the field, you should always bathe it when it smells dirty.  

Remember also to take care of its teeth to prevent dental decay. The nails should also be neat and trimmed. In addition, clean the ears weekly to remove the accumulated dirt.

 How Much Can You Buy Bracco Italiano Puppies?

Bracco Italiono dogs are scarce; you must pay more to acquire one. The Bracco Italiano puppy's price ranges from $1200 - $3000 if buying from a reputable breeder. However, you can still obtain one from a rescue center at $ 300- $ 600. Peruse Bracco Italiano puppies for sale near me ads on this page, and purchase your puppy today.

A mature Bracco Italiano dog price will vary depending on location, the breeder, the skills acquired, and the pedigree.

Advantages of Disadvantages of Bracco Italiano


  • Highly intelligent dog
  • It's friendly to the family and pets
  • An excellent hunting companion


  • Requires more exercises
  • It can be hard to train, especially for first-time owners; they may need a professional
  • It can’t live in an apartment since its very active and needs space
  • It can be destructive when bored
  • Not the best option for allergic people

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Bracco Italiano Drool A lot?

Yes, Bracco Italiano is an excessive drooler and thus may not be the best choice if you hate this habit. The drooling pattern may vary in individuals due to the causing factors. These factors include nausea, excitement, lip structure, or medications. If you can't deal with drooling, consider other breeds that don't drool to avoid the mess, such as Dachshund and Shetland Sheepdog.

2. Are Bracco Italiano Puppies Aggressive?

No, Bracco Italiano is known as a gentle and social dog. As a gundog member, it likes hanging around its family. However, you should treat the dog nicely and exercise to remain calm.

3. What is Unique About Bracco Italiano?

Bracco Italiano dogs are very gifted in outdoor activities, especially hunting. They can perform well in dog sports such as nose work, tracking, and rally. Again, these dogs do well in rescue and search activities. Since they make great companions, they still serve as therapy dogs. Learn more about the benefits of therapy dogs in education.

4. Which are the Other Names for Bracco Italiano?

This breed is also referred to as the Italian Pointer.

5. Which Breeds are Similar to Bracco Italiano?

Breeds that look similar to Bracco Italiano are:

  • German Shorthaired Pointer – fluffy hair around the ears and lower body, can be liver and white, liver roan, or black and white
  • Weimaraner – comes in silver-gray or silver
  • Spinone Italiano – appearance is the same but has different colors orange roan, white and brown, and brown roan.

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Final Remarks

Bracco Italiano is a lovely pet that can serve you long if you keep it healthy. This dog thrives best in spacious compounds with more mental and physical activities. It also requires a proper diet for energy provision and immunity. Again, remember to keep it neat if you want to enjoy its company in the living room.

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