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About Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon is a lovely, intelligent toy dog that’s one of a kind. Many dog lovers like it because of its unique personality and fun nature. It portrays human-like expressions that leave their families amazed and wanting to have more companion time.

If you are an indoor person, like to travel, and want a gentle companion, you can’t go wrong with Brussels Griffon. It's small and thus easy to travel with and provide its living needs.  

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Where Did Brussels Griffon Come From?

Brussels Griffon is from Brussels in Belgian and was born in the early 1800. This breed was originally a rat dog that was fearless, scrappy, and tough. Later, its features of human-like eyes and sensitivity drew people's attention, and Brussels Griffon became popular.

Soon after its popularity, the breed was refined. It attained a flat face and stout body and was bred to have different types of coats. The species was introduced in America around 1900 and registered by American Kennel Club in 1910. Though the world wars affected the Brussels Griffon population, it survived because many dog enthusiasts became devoted to this breed.

General Overview of Griffon

Common name

Griffon Belge, Griffon Bruxellois, Griffon, Griff, Bruss, Belgian Griffon, Petit Brabançon

Breed type


Size and weight

It’s a tiny dog suitable for small apartments. Adults weigh 7-12 lbs and are 7-8 inches tall.

Vocal level

High yapping level

Breed group

Toy dog


Loyal, sensitive, outgoing, shy to strangers, affectionate 

Coat type and colors

Some dogs have smooth coats, while others have rough coats

The colors are black and tan, blue, brown, black, beige, and red

Activities the breed likes

Romping, chasing balls, swimming, and hiking  

Litter size

1-3 puppies


12 -15 years

Diet type


Exercises level

Moderate at least 40 minutes a day


What is the Behavior of Brussels Griffon?

Brussels Griffon is a refined and comedic pet that most enthusiasts like. This canine is sensitive and eager to learn if you apply positive reinforcement. Brussels Griffon is among the best entertainers and is shy to strangers. 

Brussels Griffon relates well with people and children. But, they are most suitable as companions for adults. This canine is loyal to its family and becomes affectionate to them; they like following someone from one point to another.

What’s unique about this dog is its having a human–like expressions. Brussels Griffon's eyes are sharp and best sight like an eagle's. Despite their tiny bodies, they are strong.  

Caring Tips for  Griffon Needs


Before you learn how to groom your pet, it’s best to identify the type of coat for your dog. There are two types of coats for this pet; the smooth and the rough Brussels Griffon.

If your Brussels Griffon has a smooth coat, it will shed seasonally, so provide the appropriate grooming. Brush the coat at least once a day to keep it neat. For the rough coats, they don’t shed a lot like the smooth ones. However, they also require thorough brushing to keep them mat-free. Experts recommend that you brush the rough coats twice a week.

Brussels Griffon dogs' smooth and rough coats require bathing once every 6 to 8 weeks. Use gentle shampoo and conditioner on your dog's skin. During bathing, pay attention to the ears to remove the accumulated wax and moisture that lead to infections.

Grooming also involves dental care to prevent premature tooth decay and tooth loss. Clean your pet’s teeth with dog-safe toothpaste and toothbrush daily. Keep the nails trimmed and clean for better mobility for your dog.  

Health Care

Brussels Griffon can live longer if you give them the best care. Nonetheless, the breed suffers from several severe genetic health issues that reduce its lifespan. So, as you buy this dog, beware of the following issues:

Some genetic issues are challenging, but good care can keep your dog healthy. Always seek veterinarian help when you observe signs of illness in your pet and meet its living needs, like proper diet and hygiene.


Brussels Griffin requires a specified diet for age, weight, and activity level. Its diet should have proper nutrients like proteins, carbs, fats, minerals, and vitamins. A good diet will keep your dog healthy by boosting its immunity against infections. Get more details on carbs for your dog.

Exercise and Training

Your pet needs at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. These dogs will enjoy good play outdoors, a nice walk, or games. Such activities are enough to keep your dog fit.   

This breed is intelligent and gentle; thus, training becomes easy. But always remember to use positive strategies to keep your dog motivated. Use treats and plays to create a good rapport with the dog and boost its attention.   

Train your puppy on separation anxiety and socializing with strangers because they are shy. Crate training can help your pup ease the anxiety, puzzle toys, and exercises.  

Similar Breeds to Brussels Griffon

If Brussels Griffon isn't a perfect match for you, there are similar dogs that you can consider.

  • Pekingese – human-like face but require more grooming since it has a fluffy coat. You mistake Pekingese eyes for Brussels Griffon and the face.
  • Chinese Crested has less fur and unique facial hair like Brussels Griffon. Find more facts about Chinese Crested
  • Scottish Terrier – it’s a fluffy dog with a compact figure.

 What is the Price of Brussels Griffon?

An average Brussels Griffon puppy price ranges between $1800 -$2800 depending on the location and breeder you choose. Based on the dog's bloodline, color, and age, some puppies may cost even higher, up to $4000. A mature Brussels Griffon price will vary and can be lower or higher than the above range.

Pros and Cons of Owning Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon may not be the ideal pet for everyone, and before you decide if it's the right one for you, check its pros and cons:


  • Small and portable
  • Does well in all apartments
  • Affectionate with family
  • They are good entertainers
  • They are intelligent and trainable
  • They are cuddly lap dogs


  • Difficult to house train
  • Suffers from separation anxiety
  • Shy around strangers
  • The flat face and short nose predispose them to heat stroke and breathing issues.
  • Not the best type for dealing with children

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Can You Leave Brussels Griffon Alone?

Brussels Griffon like interacting with people and being around them all the time. Nevertheless, you leave it alone for a few hours after some exercise or when playing an engaging game. However, if you stay longer, they will become destructive and noisy.   

2. Do Brussels Griffon have Separation Anxiety?

Yes, this breed suffers from separation anxiety when left alone for a long time. Ensure you offer proper training to your pet, keep it engaged if you have to leave, and avoid taking long.

3. Is Brussels Griffon Pure or Crossbred?

 Brussels Griffon is a pure breed though the current species is a mix of several breeds such as English Toy Spaniel, Pug, and Affenpinscher. The Toy Spaniel has large and expressive eyes, while Affenpinscher gives it the size and wiry coat texture.  

4. Are Brussels Griffons Rare?

Brussels Griffon is more common in Europe since it's their origin country and rare in the US. However, rescue centers and breeders on this page will help you acquire from anywhere in the US. Preview the ads posted on top of this page for Brussels Griffon puppies for sale near me or Brussels Griffon puppy for sale near me.

5. Can Brussels Griffon Fly?

Yes, a typical Brussels Griffon can fly because it fits inside the approved airline carriers. However, if it's a more significant type, you may require a soft-sided carrier with the maximum space allowance to travel at ease.

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Closing Remarks

Though they relate well with adults, Brussels Griffon may not be the best family dog. Their temperament is tricky, especially dealing with children. However, they are comical and mannered toy dogs that you will enjoy having around. Their small size makes them portable to your office, vacation, and everywhere pets are allowed.

Do you need a lovely and affectionate pet? Consider Brussels Griffon a comical and gorgeous dog. Look through the ads at the top of this page for Brussels Griffon puppies for sale near me.