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About Cane Corso

Cane Corso is best described in three words as an intelligent, loyal, and strong dog. It has a large stature and protective nature. These dogs were used in wars, game hunting, farm work, and as guard dogs. Cane Corso requires an active and attentive owner to guide it in training and socialization.  

These canines aren't best for novices because they require a high management level. However, they are super intelligent, affectionate, and special for the right owner. Here is everything you need to know about Cane Corso, with the best ads posted above for Cane Corso for sale near me or Cane Corso puppy for sale near me.  

History and Origin of Cane Corso

Cane Corso falls under the Molosers breed type. Cane Corso is referred to as Italian Mastiff. The original Cane Corso was larger than the current breed. These canines were used during battles to help armies charge their enemies and later started hunting wild boars and guarding henhouses.

Around the mid-1900s, the breed almost became extinct, but some Italians revived its population. These canines became popular in the United States in the 1980s as loyal companions. Cane Corso dogs were recognized by the American Kennel Club in 2010.   

What’s the Appearance of Cane Corso?

Cane Corso is a large breed with an impressive shape. This breed weighs 80-110 pounds and has a height of 28- inches. Cane Corse has a large head, expressive face, and muscular appearance. Cane Corso has short coat in different shades like grey, black, fawn, and red.

Cane Corso are large-sized dogs, and males are larger than females. Males have a height of 24-28 inches and a weight of 99-110 pounds. Females are smaller, 23-26 inches, and weigh 88-99 pounds.

What’s the Behavior of Cane Corso?

Cane Corso are pretty territorial and independent dogs. They are devoted to their families and protective. They also form deep bonds with their caregivers and even children.

These breeds are energetic and enjoy outdoor activities. They are suitable for active homes and owners experienced in training. These canines require strenuous activities such as long walks to relieve stress. They need 3.5 hours of work or daily exercise to burn out the excess energy.

Cane Corso's appearance looks threatening to strangers though they aren’t aggressive. They become vocal if they sense danger to their family. However, they are calm and gentle with kids. If you offer the best training to this dog, it will socialize well with humans and other dogs.

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Other dog's behavior include

  • Jumping on people - when excited, they jump on their family members, which is an unpleasant behavior for adult dogs.
  • Food aggression - they become protective of their food and growl after serving them.
  • Biting - it's natural for puppies to bite, especially when teething

Get to learn your dog’s psychology and understand its behaviors. You will gain tips on handling its vices and training. 

Cane Corso Caring Tips

Cane Corso requires advanced training; thus, it’s not the best breed for beginners. They need a skilled individual in training, especially the puppies for manners class.  

Training and Exercises

 Cane Corso dogs are intelligent and require consistent and lifelong training for proper upbringing. If you don't give them instructions, they will act on their instincts since they are independent. You should provide direct and firm instructions on your expectations about them. Set boundaries from puppyhood so that the dog can become obedient.

Exercises are essential to your dog to keep it healthy and fit. Your dog requires at least three hours of daily walks or other outdoor exercises that can offer the same value. These regular tasks will help your dog remain well-behaved. Otherwise, without exercise, the dog will become unruly and start destructive behavior, pawing, jumping, and being vocal.

Health Issues

Cane Corso suffers from the following health issues:

  • Joint problems – Cane Corso suffers from arthritis due to additional weight, hip dysplasia, and elbow problems. Avoid exposing your dog to high-impacting exercises and give it a portioned diet
  • Bloat – combines gastric dilation and volvulus
  • Anxiety – occurs when the dog is separated from its family, causing separation anxiety
  • Demodectic mange – a skin condition that leads to scaly skin, red bumps, and hair loss. Other dogs suffering from this skin infection include Dalmatians and American Pit Bull Terriers.

Feeding Cane Corso

Supply Cane Corso with a balanced diet of minerals, vitamins, protein, fats, and micronutrients in the correct ratios. Ensure you monitor the dog's weight to prevent obesity. Make a fresh food plan for your canine and deliver the pre-portioned amounts for easy weight maintenance.

You should avoid some foods, like table food and animal bones because they cause stomach upsets, vomiting, diarrhea, and loss of appetite. Select a dog that meets the established standards for this breed. You can learn more about the benefits and effects of animal bones on your dog.


Cane Corso requires grooming for its coat by brushing it frequently, especially during the shedding season in spring. However, when it’s not shedding, the coat requires minimal care. Additionally, trim the long nails to prevent injuries when walking. 

The Cane Corso skin requires less care by bathing it a few times a year. Use the best bathing products to prevent harm to the skin. During bathing, remember to clean the ears and eyes. Use the recommended cleaning wipes and liquid to eliminate accumulated dirt and prevent infections.

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What’s the Cost of Cane Corso?

The Cane Corso price varies from one breeder to another. The breed’s price ranges from $900 - $2000. However, the Cane Corso puppy price can rise to $8500 for dogs will a superiors parental lineage. There are still other affordable ways of owning Cane Corso. You can acquire Cane Corso through adoption at a favorable fee of $200 -$400. So, preview the ads posted above for Cane Corso for sale under $500.

Other famous Cane Corso mixes you can consider are Labrador Corso and Cane Corxer. You can get them from the ads above for purchase or adoption.

Which Breeds Are Similar to Cane Corso?

  • Neapolitan Mastiffs – they are large breeds like Cane Corso and excellent watchdogs.
  • Bullmastiff – it’s a working breed and territorial like the Cane Corso
  • Rottweilers – bred in Germany and almost the same size as Cane Corso

If you want similar species to Cane Corso, you have better options like Rottweiler and Neapolitan Mastiff.

What are the Trade-offs of Cane Corso?


  • Relates well with family and other pets
  • Easy to groom
  • They are protective guard dogs
  • They are very intelligent
  • Cane Corso are energetic dogs


  • Require strong leadership as sometimes they can be bossy and so smart
  • They are large breeds and sometimes can hurt small kids
  • They aren’t ideal for smaller households
  • Prone to health issues
  • They are tough to handle if not well trained

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the Differences Between Mastiff and Cane Corso? 

Cane Corso and Mastiff have special personalities and temperaments. These breeds have similar appearances, but they have dissimilar training needs. Both breeds have different specialized training needs for obedience. If you would prefer Mastiff, we have quality breeds on our site.

2. Are Cane Corso Aggressive?

Cane Corso is aggressive if not properly trained. They look aggressive even to strangers, but they become friendly and affectionate with proper training and socialization.  

3. What are the Fun Activities for a Cane Corso?

A Cane Corso dog enjoys the following activities:

  • Sled-pulling
  • Dock-diving
  • Obstacles/agility
  • Flirt pole
  • Nose work

4. Is a Cane Corso a Good Family Dog?

Cane Corso are good family dogs that are loyal and loving. However, this breed is suitable for older children due to its size. It’s best to supervise this dog when interacting with other children and pets. Additionally, teach the children how to interact with this dog.  

5. How Long Does Cane Corso Live?   

Cane Corso typically lives between 9-12 years. This breed requires proper care and nutrition to stay healthy and live long.

Final Remarks

Cane Corso is a large breed, loyal, and affectionate. Most people mistake it for being aggressive because of its appearance and strong body, but it’s different. Cane Corso is calm and gentle to the kids and other pets if you offer the best training. It’s a protective and sweet companion to have.

If you are considering owning this breed, this guide will be helpful. We have detailed content on the breed's nutrition, health, exercise, and training needs. View the Cane Corso puppy for sale ads posted above to purchase one.