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About Umbrella Cockatoo

The Umbrella Cockatoo is loved by many because of its friendly and fun nature. It also has beautiful white plumage and a wholly white crest. The Umbrella Cockatoo belongs to the family Cacatuidae.

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Umbrella Cockatoo’s Origin

 The Umbrella Cockatoo originated in the central and northern parts of Indonesia. It lives along the rivers and edges of cleared farms in the natural world. You can also find it in mangroves, swamps, and open woodlands.

Species Overview

Common Name

Umbrella Cockatoo, White cockatoo, Great-white cockatoo, and White-crested cockatoo

Scientific Name 

Cacatua alba

Life Expectancy

60-70 years with care and up to 30 years in the wild

Adult Size

18 to 24 inches


The Umbrella Cockatoo is a pure breed mostly captured for rescue, and people start breeding them for sale. However, the bird can freely crossbreed with other species. The Umbrella Cockatoo has 21 species with different crests and curved bills.

  • Bare-eyed cockatoo – white, pink face, gray-tan beak
  • Balm palm cockatoo – gray plumage, gray beak
  • Citron cockatoo – white, orange cheek patches, gray beak
  • Sulfur-crested cockatoo – white, yellow crest, black beak
  • Rose-breasted – pinkish-white crest, gray beak
  • Moluccan cockatoo – white plumage, pink feathers, black feathers

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Umbrella Cockatoo Appearance

The Umbrella Cockatoo may look like a white parrot with a grey beak. Both males and females have pale blue eye rings, but their irises are distinct. Females have red irises, while males have brown.

 If you frighten it, the bird extends its chest to a semicircular shape or umbrella, hence its name. Its wings are white, with the underside and tail being pale yellow. This bird weighs around 600 grams. Most Umbrella Cockatoos are white, except a few have red, black, or yellow markings.

Umbrella Cockatoo’s Behavior

This bird is very social and enjoys interacting with people. It's affectionate and forms a social bond with its caregivers. One unique aspect of cockatoo is that it likes to cuddle as a sign of affection.

Speech and Sound

Umbrella Cockatoos are very loud, and their screeching can be heard from more than one mile away. Like parrots, these birds can mimic the sounds they hear. The cockatoo is the best option if you love teaching birds some sounds.

These birds are vocal and can express their emotions like happiness and distress to each other. The bird has a soft sweet-talking voice, but it requires patience to train it. It’s best to start with simple words and repeat them often.

Other cockatoo behaviors include:

  • Raising crest - cockatoo raises the crest when excited or alarmed. It's also a way for the bird to display its territory or flock. Sometimes the bird may be giving a warning not to be touched.
  • A lowered chest – indicates calmness, friendliness, and general approachability.

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 Umbrella Cockatoo Care

When caring for your bird, you should carry out the following practices:

1. A spacious Housing

Provide your bird with a large and spacious cage for moving, stretching wings, and exercising. The cage should be 4 feet wide, 4 feet deep, and 6 feet high. Provide natural branches, tops of different colors, and opportunities for misting.

2. Balanced Diet

The Umbrella Cockatoo’s diet should contain quality pellets and supplements such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, or seeds. Avoid some toxic foods such as casein, avocado, or chocolate. Learn why you should avoid avocado for your Umbrella Cockatoo.

3. Regular Exercise

 It’s best always to allow your bird to exercise. Get your bird out of the cage into a supervised area where it's safe to stretch and explore. Ensure the area is free of electrical wires, hazards, open windows, or toxic plants. Again ensure the exercise area has natural sunlight for the birds to bask.

4. Social Interaction

Umbrella Cockatoo is very interactive and needs attention from caregivers. So it's best to talk, play, and bond with your bird. Engage the bird in regular conversations to learn and enjoy its company.

5. Veterinary Care

Schedule regular checkups with an avian veterinarian to protect your bird from infections. Ensure the bird gets annual beak, feather, and nail examinations and trimmed if necessary. Also, the fecal test is necessary to identify any potential threat.

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Breeding of Cockatoo

The breeding process is very critical and requires experienced personnel to handle it. Cockatoo usually breeds once a year between December and March, when there is much vegetation for food. The breeding steps are as follows:

  • Pair Selection – you should choose healthy and mature birds for at least 4-5 years. The pair should be compatible and show mating behaviors.
  • Courtships and mating – you should be keen to observe raising crest, bobbing his head, and vocalizing for the males to attract females.
  • Egg incubation and chick rearing – provide a nest box where birds can lay eggs. The birds can lay eggs around 1-3 clutch size and incubate for a period of 28-30days. Both males and females can take turns in incubating.

Common Health Conditions for Umbrella Cockatoo

Umbrella Cockatoos can contract several diseases if you fail to give them good care. Some of the common diseases include:

  • Bacterial infections – this bird can contract respiratory and bacterial dermatitis. Common symptoms of bacterial infections include discharge from the eyes or nose, feather plucking, and skin lesions.
  • Nutritional deficiencies – inadequate nutrition like vitamin A, calcium, and vitamin D3 can weaken immune systems and skeletal disorders.
  • Feather picking and self-mutilation –boredom and stress make the birds mutilate or cause other underlying health conditions. Always seek veterinarian help to guide you on all these conditions.

Prices of Umbrella Cockatoo

We have a price range below if you would like to buy an Umbrella Cockatoo. Again, if you are searching for Umbrella Cockatoo cages for sale or Umbrella Cockatoo eggs for sale, check out the price range.

  • Umbrella Cockatoo - $700 - $ 6500
  • Cockatoo eggs - $ 70- $ 130
  • Cage price - $ 20- $ 2000

You can own the bird from a reputable breeder and an avian rescue center. Ensure the bird is healthy with bright eyes, clean feathers, and whole crops. Instead of searching for an Umbrella Cockatoo for sale near me online, browse the ads above by state.

A Summary of What to Consider When Owning Umbrella Cockatoo

When buying this bird or adopting one, ensure you have the following:

  1. Ensure you provide attention to the bird
  2. A safe space for exercise, stretching and basking
  3. Playing with toys with different colors, misting in the cage
  4. Clean and spacious cage with perching branches
  5. A balanced diet, nutrients, and free from toxins
  6. Regular veterinarian checkups

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Which are the Examples of Umbrella Cockatoo for Sale on Our Page?

  • Male Umbrella Cockatoo for sale
  • Pink umbrella for sale
  • Baby Umbrella Cockatoo for sale
  • Female Umbrella Cockatoo for sale
  • Umbrella Cockatoo for adoption
  • Other types species of cockatoo

2. Are there Umbrella Cockatoos for Sale Near Me?

Yes, you can get an Umbrella Cockatoo for sale or adoption in your state. The following are examples of the states where you can buy:

  • Alabama
  • Georgia
  • Delaware
  • Indiana
  • Illinois
  • Lowa
  • Oregon
  • Texas
  • Utah

3. What are the Colors of the Umbrella Cockatoo?

Umbrella Cockatoos mainly appear in white, grey, or black with spots on the cheeks or crests. Also, the Umbrella Cockatoo's eyes and face are brightly colored. Finally, some types may have yellow, pink, or red plumage patches, especially the crest and tail.

4.  Are Umbrella Cockatoos Hard to Keep?

Yes, these birds are hard to take care of, especially for a beginner. They like to spend more time outside their cages and have a tendency of making a lot of noise. If you are busy during the day, it will be hectic to care for this bird.  

5. How Often Does an Umbrella Cockatoo Need a Bath?

Umbrella Cockatoos require frequent bathing for their feathers and their skin to remain healthy.  You can bathe your bird at least once or twice a week depending on its age and the weather.

The Bottom Line

The Umbrella Cockatoo is a friendly bird that you will enjoy keeping. It's less temperament but noisy, especially during the mating season. To control its noise and improve its speech, start by teaching it simple words and keep progressing.

Again, if you want to keep an Umbrella Cockatoo, learn the care requirements; provide a spacious cage, safe environment, and social interaction. On this page, you will get an Umbrella Cockatoo for sale or adoption; choose your best offer.