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About Akbash

The Akbash is a pure breed treasured for its guarding and maternal instincts. If you are a farmer and need a great watchman for your cattle, this is the appropriate breed. This dog is also very clean and removes dirt from the coat.

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Akbash Species Overview

Common name

 Coban Kopegi dog, Akkush, Askbash, white head


All white coats, brown, grey

Life span



90 pounds for females, 120 pounds for male


28-32 inches for female, 30-34 inches for male

Litter size

7-9 puppies

Origin of Akbash

Akbash is a pure breed from Turkey, and it’s very rare. It was developed in Turkey as a livestock guarding dog. It’s an old and traditional breed that protects herds from predators in the rugged terrain of inland Turkey.

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 Appearance of Akbash

The following are the features of this breed:

  • Head – a large head that is wedge-shaped and proportional to the body
  • Eyes – oval in shape, dark brown
  • Ears – medium in size and wide apart. Mostly drop to the face, medium size, triangular with rounded tips.
  • Nose – it’s well pigmented, black with open nostrils
  • Tail – it's thick with a tapering end. Sometimes its straight, curved, or curled

Behaviors of Akbash

Akbash has a steady temperament and reacts when it encounters a threat. This dog is royal, territorial to the herd, and doesn't entertain strangers. In general terms, the dog has protective instincts.

Akbash is also very social and becomes affectionate with the family. It is also great with kids, especially if it learns socialization at an early stage. However, it doesn't get along with other pets, especially when not raised together.

Another plus point for the dog, it’s very calm most of the time and barks less. This trait favors most pet owners who hate unnecessary animal sounds.  

This dog's watchful instincts make it unsuitable for apartment life. Instead, the dog appreciates living in rural and semi-rural areas. You need to keep it in a yard for exercise and install a 5 feet fence all around.  

Caring for Akbash Dog

Akbash require your attention in exercise, health, training, and diet. Grooming isn't hectic like for other breeds and thus needs less effort.

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Akbash is a watchdog and thus needs less exercise. Unlike herd dogs, Akbash doesn't need to run around to gather the herd; instead, it watches them over from a viewpoint. You should have at least one hour a day for exercising your dog and keeping it healthy.

Involve the dog in activities such as walking, jogging, and hiking. Again, puzzle toys challenge them positively.  


Always provide your dog with a healthy canine diet and clean water. The idea is that food should be meat-based, a meal with protein and fiber. You can also purchase high-quality dog foods if you can’t get red meat.  

Feed your dog 4 cups of formulated foods per day. Again, you can use substitutes such as boiled eggs, cottage cheese, and a few fruits.

 This breed is prone to bloating and severe stomach twisting from eating too fast. So, ensure you control your dog's appetite by feeding it in smaller quantities and keeping it calm during feeding.


You can keep your dog healthy by maintaining a balanced diet and hygiene. First, observe its hygiene by using dental additives such as mouthwash for the puppies. Mouthwash will help prevent the buildup of tartar and plaques.

Some of the common health issues that you should look out for include:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Gastric
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Cancer
  • Kidney disease
  • Epilepsy

These diseases are common to most dogs, especially hip dysplasia. Leonberger also suffers from the same health conditions as the Akbash dog.


Your dog needs at least three months of training to acquire the best values that you need. Start training it at the puppy stage, to prevent bad habits. When Akbash grows old, it becomes stubborn and challenging to train.

Use treats, praise, and other tactics when training the dog, and be consistent in your command. Ensure you introduce other new experiences, people, and pets at this young age. But, if your puppy remains bull-headed and protective, don’t force it.


Maintain your dog’s hygiene by cleaning the coat and removing dead or loose hair. Wash your pooch at least once in 6 months to remove dirt. The coat has a medium length that sheds moderately and thus requires brushing 2-3 times per week. Their coat isn't smelly, but over-bathing will strip off their natural oils.

Again, take care of its nails and trim them when necessary. Clean its ears too, to prevent any infection. Wipe the ears with a cotton ball dampened with a gentle ear cleaner. Be sure to check if the ears have redness or foul odors, which are signs of an illness.

Why Should You Buy Akbash?

Here are good reasons why you should own this dog:

Pros of Akbash

  • It’s a loyal dog and affectionate to the family
  • This dog requires fewer exercises
  • It’s a good watchdog
  • It’s an independent thinker can act without any prompts
  • This dog tolerates being left alone
  • Friendly to kids
  • It’s the best dog for early people

Cons of Watchdog

  • Stubborn during training and especially as an adult
  • Territorial and wary of strangers
  • Sometimes it goes through periods of high shedding
  • It's hypoallergic and thus can't live with allergy-suffering individuals
  • It has a low energy level

The advantages of this dog are more than the disadvantages, thus the dog has good traits. If you need to compare its benefits with another, consider the Irish setter.

Where to Find Akabsh Dog for Sale

You can find an Akbash puppy for sale near me from the ads above. You will get the best dogs from rescue centers and licensed breeders. Some pooches are for sale, while others are for adoption.

Akbash puppy's price ranges from $500 - $ 2000, depending on the market and the size. However, adopting can be cheaper, around $ 300, or even lower, depending on the expenses before adopting. Akbash price for a mature dog is different but depends on the breeder's reputation, location, and bloodlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Akbash Bark A lot?

Akbash doesn't bark often; it's usually calm if there is no trouble. But since it's a guard dog, if it senses trouble, it will alert you by barking loudly. Again, when agitated, it will resort to barking. So, ensure your dog isn't bored to reduce the barking noise.

2. Can Akbash Survive in an Apartment?

This breed won’t do well in apartments. Akbash acts as a herd watchman, so it likes a spacious environment to stay happy and comfortable. 

3. Is Akbash the Right Breed for You?

Akabsh has several good traits that anyone would like. It is a good watchdog, friendly with family members, children, and older people. Again, it requires less exercise; thus, it’s easy to handle, especially for kids. Therefore, if you want a docile dog, have a spacious environment; this breed will be good for you.  

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Final Thoughts

This article has given you all the breed information and facts that you need to rear Akbash. We have discussed the appearance, characteristics, training, exercises, diet, and health needs.

This dog is independent, lovely, and has all the favorable traits.  Akbash is calm, friendly, and a watchful breed for your property. If you train your puppy well and early, it will gain the best habits and become a good companion.

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