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About American English Coonhound

Do you love hunting or engaging in outdoor activities? Then the American English Coonhound is one of the dog breeds you should consider. It’s known to howl and also possesses a highly sociable character.

If you are searching for a Coonhound for sale, you are on the proper track, landing here. We have several Coonhounds for sale near me on the ads posted above and some information about this tree game tracking breed.

Keep reading to know what to expect from the English coonhound once you take one home.

American English Coonhound History

It all started during hunting when the American Foxhounds (Virginia hounds) lost scent when prey climbed on trees. To solve the issue, the breeders in the southeast US crossed the Virginia breed with a Bloodhound. Other species were involved as well in the course of creating the American English Coonhound.

So, this breed is American-made, but the roots are back in England. The English Coonhound specialized in foxhunting during the day and chased the raccoons at night. It specialized in the latter hence the phrase 'coon' in its name.

A notable figure who loved hunting and utilized this breed is George Washington. He still had the English foxhunting culture in him. How he managed to engage in the horse-and-hound sport while fighting the British army is a story for another day, though.

During this time (the 1800s), breeders crossed the imported English foxhounds with the Virginia version (and other breeds) to come up with the American English Coonhound. 

The breed obtained the tree-climb game-tracking ability, became agile, and would cope on the harsh American terrain.

American English Coonhound Overview


Males (22-27 inches), Females (21-25 inches)

Adult Weight

Males (60 pounds), Females (52.5 pounds)

Coat color variations

Black and white, red and white, ticked red and white, ticked blue and white, tri-color with ticking

Coat Texture


Coat Density


Activity Level

Highly active

Litter Size

4-6 puppies


11-12 years

Other Types of Coonhounds Available

There are various types of Coonhound puppies for sale here. They all belong to the Coonhound family, but a few variations exist. They include the following:

  • Treeing Walker Coonhound: They have long and hanging ears, a soft coat, short hair, and dark eyes. This breed can chase prey to a tree and then signal the master. We have a Treeing Walker Coonhound for sale in our ads if you would like this Coonhound type.
  • Bluetick Coonhound: This is the oldest Coonhound that dates back to American colonial times. It also has a smooth coat that makes it easy to clean and has a happy and friendly character. If you need a Bluetick Coonhound for sale, it’s also available at fair prices.
  • Black and Tan Coonhound: The Black and Tan variation is also good at raccoon hunting and is known to be quite passionate. Their main features include long ears facing downward and a sturdy tail. The coat is short and black with tan marks hence the name. You can check the Black and Tan Coonhound for sale in our ads.
  • Redbone Coonhound: We have Redbone Coonhound puppies for sale as well. They were also bred as raccoon hunters by the Scottish settlers. They also have long and hanging ears, but the coat is red. The hair is short, too, and needs minimal care.

You can check the ads to see the Coonhounds for sale prices and how to purchase one quickly.

American English Coonhound Aliases

The following names are also associated with this breed:

  • Redtick Coonhound
  • English Coonhound
  • Virginia Hound (Name belongs to one of the breeds involved in crossbreeding)

English Coonhound Temperaments

Like the coonhounds, The American English type is social and well-natured. Those looking for UKC coonhounds and pups for sale should expect a strong-willed dog. Some people could interpret that to be stubborn, and that's why they suit the hunters.

It's also another breed that joins the Airedale Terriers regarding needing more patience during training. They also have an unceasing nesting habit, making them unsuitable for those who don’t like dogs on their furniture.

Apart from being efficient hunters, they can also be family companions, thanks to the breeding and training done to enable co-existence within a pack. The English Coonhounds are excellent watchdogs since they are pretty vocal.

They don’t bark like other dogs. What you will hear is more of howling in short explosive chops. It’s a sound common in all hounds. Since they have a moving habit, they need regular exercise to keep fit. Their prey drive is also one of the highest, and you will see that when the dog starts to chase small animals.

Training the breed otherwise can counter that problem, but there are better ideas than leaving the dog with other pets. You can leave the dog with kids since they are loyal and will want to please you when around. As a puppy, you should expect destruction and speculation.

Training the American English Coonhound

It would be best to start with socialization training during the early stages before concentrating on other aspects. American English Coonhound puppies can be possessive over toys and food at home. What's crucial here is to ensure the dog has positive experiences with other people and the environment in general.

That will raise the dog to be mentally stable and healthy too. Since it's a stubborn and tireless dog, you should exercise patience while training. The kind of loud barks that this breed has, not to mention the 'ringing voice,' can be a turn-off. That's why this Coonhound is fit for experienced dog owners.

Exercising with the English Coonhound

It's a highly energized dog, so it's not a dog for apartments or small spaces. It desires to be in packs (canines or humans) and will suit those who take runs, ride bikes, or hike. This breed requires about 10 miles of walking per week and 90 minutes of daily activity.

That's how you keep it healthy. Due to the high prey drive, the dog should be leashed if you are in environments that require control. Otherwise, its sensitive nose will lead it to where that detected scent originates.

The breed likes running. That is the best idea if you have a fenced area where the dog can run. Coupling that with a ball becomes perfect since it will give the dog something to do.


The Coonhound requires high-quality dog food. It can be commercial or home-prepared, but the latter requires some advice from the vet. There are no diet restrictions based on age. If the dog lives in a highly active environment, the food should differ from that of an inactive dog.

It’s also a dog that can be overweight as age progresses, so watch that calorie intake. Also, check with your vet which human foods the dog can take and which are not fit. Lastly, the breed needs fresh and clean water at all times.  


If the dog is adequately fed, the texture and shine's influence will come from the inside. Just like most dogs, though, it also requires regular grooming. The best part is that the coat is short and will require minimum care – brushing once a week.

You can use a rubberized grooming mitt or a shedding tool to reduce the shedding amounts. It also helps in oil skin distribution, and that’s how you help the dog acquire a natural shine.

Other maintenance practices involve the following:

  • Trimming the nails once a month
  • A bath every four to six weeks
  • Ear cleaning to get rid of excess wax and dirt

American English Coonhound Health Issues

Being active dogs means that these coonhounds have fewer health issues. You should, however, expect the following health conditions to pop up:

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Bloat
  • Eye disorders
  • Obesity
  • Ear infections (Especially if not appropriately cleaned)

Is the English Coonhound the Right Breed for You?


  • Great match for those who are active and live in areas with a big compound
  • Their temperaments are astounding if there is proper socialization training in the early stages
  • Does not suffer from severe health problems
  • They enjoy company hence the habit of wanting to be in packs.


  • They require too much attention from their owners
  • It's quite a large breed that does not suit small apartments
  • Their strong sense of scent can be uncontrollable
  • Quite vocal and loud howling

How Much Is an American English Coonhound?

An English Coonhound puppy price ranges from $800 to $1200. The price range is due to training level, vaccination, and location. In our ads, you can also check out the Redbone Coonhound for sale near me. We also have the Bluetick Coonhound puppies for sale and Redbone puppies too.


1. What is the most exciting fact about American English Coonhounds?

In 2013, the American English Coonhound ranked as the 7th most talkative dog after a poll by US veterinarians. It's known to be agile and has a unique ability to follow prey when it climbs trees.

2. Does an English Coonhound fit as a family companion?

Yes, an American English Coonhound can be a family dog since it loves to be in packs, whether humans or other dogs. It's loyal and tends to please the owner whenever it can.

3. Are English Coonhounds intelligent dogs?

They are intelligent and loyal. They are also easy to groom. The problem is that they don't need amateurs since they require lots of physical and mental activity.

4. What is the purpose of an American English Coonhound?

The English Coonhound suits those who hunt or engage in more outdoor activities. It was used to hunt foxes and raccoons back in the 1800s. Today, some specialize in hunting both animals, while others are good at raccoon hunting. Hunters utilized it since it has tree climbing ability.

5. What are the drawbacks of owning an English Coonhound?

It’s quite a noisy dog that will howl and get excited after picking a scent. You should get one if you live miles away from the nearest neighbor.

Final Thoughts

The American English Coonhound is a dog breed with a sweet face, a deep chest, and quite muscular. It also has long ears, which require cleaning once in a while. The building makes it suitable for hunting, among other outdoor activities.

Our ads have the American English Coonhound puppies for sale from the best breeders and dealers as well as the other variations. Proceed to find a suitable Coonhound puppy for sale near me to accompany you during the next hunt, bike ride, or hike.