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About American Eskimo Dog

American Eskimo like, commonly named, is a lovely, friendly, and intelligent dog. It’s one type that every dog lover out there will appreciate. This pet loves family and likes being in the middle of activities. It’s very hyperactive, and you will never get lonely or bored around it. This breed is a balance between brains and beauty.

 So, if you wish to have one, prepare for a beehive of activities like training, tricks, and other sports dogs. Again, be ready to give it the best care to become the best companion for you and your family. To get the best american eskimo dog for sale, view the listing above.

Species Overview

Common name



White and cream

Scientific name

Canipus lupus


9-19 inches


Gentle, playful, friendly, and protective


6-35 pounds

Energy level

Very active

Life span

13-15 years

Origin of American Eskimo

The American Eskimo originated in America’s Midwest, where it served as a farm dog. It’s a Nordic breed that belongs to the Spitz family. American Eskimo is closely related to white German Spitz, and after being taken to America, the name changed to American Eskimo. This breed was introduced to the USA through their immigrant owners.

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The appearance of American Eskimo

American Eskimo dogs exist in three sizes: toy, miniature, and standard. The toy dog can weigh as much as 6 pounds, and the standard one up to 35 pounds. 

American Eskimos are either in cream or white colors. Their coat is thick and shiny white. They have upright fur tufted ears, plum tails, and eyes with catchy pigmentation.

American Eskimos look the same as Samoyeds but are smaller in height and weight.

Below is a summary of the dog's appearance and size:

  • Ears – upright and triangular
  • Tail – feathery & accrued at the back
  • Eyes – have pigmentation

The different sizes of the American Eskimo are as follows:

  • Toy american eskimo – 6-10 pounds
  • Miniature american eskimo - 10-20  pounds
  • Standard size - 25 -35 pounds

American Eskimo was thought to be a farm dog. Find out the myths about Australian cattle dogs from this article.

American Eskimo Dog Temperament

American Eskimo is a highly spirited dog that is well-behaved and friendly. They are loyal to their caregivers and have a gentle temperament. The outgoing nature of this dog makes it an excellent family dog, and it behaves well around kids.

American Eskimo Behaviors

This breed has some unique behaviors; some may feel a bit off for the first-time owner, and others are unique. These behaviors include:

  • Barking level – it likes barking, especially when left alone for too long. It's very vocal and annoying, so teach it when and where to bark.
  • Social – they bond quickly with people but are suspicious of strangers
  • American Eskimos are less likely to drool

Care for Amerikan Eskimo

This dog requires maintenance in diet, grooming, training, exercise, and health as follows:

1. Diet

Feed your American Eskimo with high-quality dog food. You can purchase or prepare the feeds at home with your veterinarian's supervision and approval. Ensure you feed your dog, either a puppy, adult, or senior, with the right amount to avoid being obese.

If you are concerned about the type of human foods to give your dogs, always check with your veterinarian. Finally, remember to provide fresh and clean water at all times.

2. Grooming

Always brush your american eskimo every 2-3 weeks to remove the dead hairs and prevent matting. The breed's skin is very oily, preventing dirt from adhering. You can also bathe your dog occasionally, like once in three months. Doing it so often makes the skin dry and irritated. Again, remember to keep its nails trimmed. Lastly, it's best to clean the dog's ears to prevent any infections.

3. Training

American Eskimo is an eager and outgoing type of dog you can find. This dog is a good performer and quickly follows directions and commands; it can watch and mimic others. Always introduce obedience early to ensure the pet remains friendly and fun while training.  

If you fail to train it early, the dog will attain an independent personality and learn lousy behavior. You won’t like this character because reversing it as a mature dog is hard.

4. Exercises

American Eskimo is a highly energetic dog and requires high mental and physical stimulation. Ensure you have a fenced yard for it to play with toys to catch its attention. The dog also likes long walks or runs outdoors. It can walk in snowy environments but always hydrate well in hot water.

American Eskimo Health Conditions

You can maintain your dog's health by feeding it a balanced diet and having regular veterinarian checkups. Some of the illness you should check up for includes:

  • Juvenile cataracts – make the lens cloudy
  • Legg calve perthes disease – affects the blood supply to the femur of your dog
  • Hip dysplasia – bone thighs fail to fit in the hip bone
  • Progressive retina atrophy – an issue with the retina

These are some of the diseases that affect American Eskimo dogs. Ensure when searching for an American Eskimo dog for sale, confirm it's of good health to save you the hustle. 

It’s not easy to care for an American Eskimo dog. It requires patience and passion. If this breed isn't your type, learn more about Plott in our guide.

Where to Adopt or Buy an American Eskimo?

You can find American Eskimo puppies for sale from breeders or rescue centers on this page. You can buy or adopt this breed; if possible, a puppy is the best for training. Some of the pros and cons of owning American Eskimo include:

 Pros of American Eskimo

  • Intelligent
  • Easy and fun to train
  • Best for first-time pet owners
  • Requires moderate grooming
  • Agile and muscular


  • It's destructive if you fail to provide sufficient stimulation
  • Requires more activities and engagement to avoid boredom and vices
  • Highly territorial
  • It needs a lot of socialization to accept other pets and strangers
  • High potential for weight gain

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Fun Activities Can You Enjoy with Eskimo?

This dog is intelligent and can easily grasp and engage in the following fun activities:

  • Circus
  • Hunting
  • Hide and seek
  • Fetch
  • Puzzles
  • Obedience training
  • Flyball
  • Agility competitions
  • Musical canine freestyle

2. Which is the Most Active Stage of American Eskimos?

The American Eskimo is very active from puppy to middle age. After middle age, the dog becomes docile and slows down.

3. Is American Eskimo Good with Families?

The American Eskimo requires attention and care, thus being difficult to care for busy families. It's friendly with older children, but its energy can be too much for young kids.  

To Summarize

If you are a dog lover and live in a spacious household, American Eskimo is the right breed. This dog is energetic, likes new tricks, and is good at various fun activities. However, you need to provide the best training for easy management when it's still young.

Throughout its active stage, you will have a good companion for outdoor activities, family, and children's fun. If you need this dog, we got you sorted. Search the ads above for an American Eskimo puppy for sale or adoption.