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About Basset Hound

Basset Hound is one of the popular breeds that are good-natured, affectionate, and loyal. They have other great traits that make them excellent family pets. Their sad face makes people mistake them for dull creatures, but they are the most fun and friendly pets.  

 Basset hound also relates well with other pets and children. Therefore, don't hesitate to own Basset Hound if you have an active home with kids and pets. Choose Basset Hound for sale from the ads classified on this page for a great experience.

Read on to explore more breeds characteristics and living needs of the Basset Hound.

History and Origin of Basset Hound

Basset Hound came from France, and it’s thought to develop from Hubert Hound in Belgium. Monks used the Hubert Hound due to its scenting and tracking skills. This breed was bred in France 19th century through selective breeding leading to its low stature and long dropping ears.

Basset is a French name that means short legs and long body or back. This breed was used for hunting, especially rabbits and hares. It uses its scent ability and tracking style to follow animals over long distances.

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Basset Hound Overview


12- 15 inches


40- 80 pounds

Body appearance

Bulky and heavy boned

Coat color

Red, black, white, tan, brown, blue, mahogany, and lemon


12-17 years

Litter size

5-6 puppies


Walks and mental stimulation activities


Physical Features of Basset Hound

Basset Hounds have unique physical features, which are as follows:

  1. Size – Basset Hounds are short with a medium body. Their height ranges from 12 to 15 inches (30 -38 cm). Their bodies are long and low featuring short legs. Their well-developed chest and big head give them an energetic appearance.
  2. Head – Basset Hounds have doomed big heads and loose skin. Its face’s skin folds around the muzzle. The loose skin around its face gives them an exclusive appearance.
  3. Coat – Basset Hounds have a short, dense, smooth, shiny coat. The coat is weather-resistant and comes in tri-color (black, white, and tan), bi-color (lemon and white or red and white), and solid color.
  4. Tail – Basset Hounds have a long tail that tapers to the end. The tail is held straight or with a straight curve.
  5. Ears – The ears are set low and close to its head; they are long and floppy. Basset hound ears can extend beyond the nose. These ears help in funneling scents toward the nose while hunting.
  6. Eyes – The eyes are large and expressive. They have different colors ranging from brown to hazel. Eyes portray a sorrowful expression.

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Basset Hounds Care Tips

  • Diet and Nutrition – Basset hounds should get high-quality food and clean water. You should seek advice on food portions depending on age, activity level, and dog size. Ensure you monitor the dog’s weight to prevent obesity and straining the long back. To manage the weight, it's best to monitor the intake of treats and engage the dog in exercises.
  • Exercises – Basset Hounds aren't active dogs, but you should still engage them in activities to maintain their health. Choose activities that aren’t harmful to their stature; walks can be friendly to their back. Avoid jumping and stair climbing.
  • Grooming – Basset Hounds have a short and smooth coat. Despite its length, it requires regular brushing to control shedding. Keep the teeth clean and ears to prevent infections. You can also trim the nails and bathe them when necessary. Learn more tips on how to care for your pet's ears.
  • Training – This breed is stubborn, and training can be challenging. Bassets were developed to track scents without distraction, so sometimes may seem disinterested during training. You need to be firm, consistent, and patient.
  • Love and Attention – Basset Hounds need company and like attention from family. It’s best to give them attention and include them in family activities. Basset Hound like being in the company of other dogs.
  • Health – Basset Hounds are susceptible to several illnesses, so it's best to give them a proper diet and maintain their health. These conditions include bleeding disorders, luxating patella, bleeding, glaucoma, thrombopathia, and ear infections.

These are the living needs of Basset Hound. You can get an extra fury family member by viewing Basset Hound puppies for sale above to buy or adopt one.

Pros and cons of Basset Hounds

Basset Hounds, like any breed, have their own unique set of pros and cons. Below are some pros and cons associated with owning a Basset Hound:


  • Basset Hounds require moderate exercise needs due to their body stature
  • They love other pets and children
  • They have a unique appearance with long drooping ears and short height.
  • These dogs like fun


  • They are easily distracted during training or even exercises due to their scent ability.
  • They drool excessively and may require furniture protectors
  • Basset hounds are prone to ear infections since they are long
  • They make excessive noise, especially when left alone
  • They have a high risk of becoming obsessed

Where to Adopt or Buy a Basset Hound Dog?

If you want Basset Hound to be part of your family, we got you. Browse Basset Hound puppies for sale near me on this page and choose the best offer, either for adoption or buying. We have all sizes of dogs for sale in any state. Order your pet today from credible breeders.   

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What is the Basset Hound Price?

Basset hound puppies' price is around $450 -$1400 but an average price of $800. For the purely bred Basset Hound puppies, the price rises to $2500. If you want to adopt this pet, the fee ranges from $50 to $500. Mature Basset Hound's price is $600- $2500.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much Exercise Do Basset Hounds Need?

Basset Hounds require moderate exercise needs. You can take your dog for daily walks and playtime as these are less vigorous activities. Remember, you should not exert too much pressure on their back to avoid potential joint issues.

2. Do Basset Hounds Drool A Lot?

Yes, Basset Hound dogs tend to drool when drinking or eating. Some dogs tend to drool more than others; however, this is a common issue in Basset Hounds.

3. How Much Grooming Does Basset Hounds Require?

Basset Hounds require more grooming for good health. Even with the short coat, brush it regularly to control shedding. Again, clean their ears regularly to prevent wax accumulation that leads to infections. Dental care and trimming of nails are also necessary.

4. Are Basset Hounds Lazy?

Yes, Basset Hounds may become lazy, especially after a heavy meal. So, it’s best to involve them in family activities to ensure they are always active.

5. Are Basset Hounds Good Swimmers?

 Basset Hounds aren’t good swimmers because they have short legs and long bodies. When they try swimming, the back section of the body sinks while the front legs float. They can swim, but they aren't very good at it.

To Summarize

Basset hounds are the best pets for laid-back families who want a smaller dog. These dogs are calm and can survive in smaller apartments. Their living needs are minimal and thus easy to manage them. However, you should know their negatives, like drooling and their risk of contracting infections. Explore the list above for Basset Hound puppy for sale and order your favorite.