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About Black Russian Terrier

The Black Russian Terrier (BRT) is a large and impressive dog that stands out in multiple fonts. First, it has a majestic appearance that instantly touches the heart of pet lovers. Secondly, it has all-around traits, the key ones being it is a versatile working dog and a loving family companion.

There is not enough space to explain how unique this dog breed is, but we will try in the following sections. If you have sufficient knowledge about the BRT and want to pet it, peruse the sellers’ ads above for Black Russian Terrier for sale near me, and take one home.

History and Ancestry of Black Russian Terrier

The Black Russian Terrier has its roots in the Soviet Union (currently Russia). It was developed in the mid-20th century by this nation’s government, aiming to create a versatile working dog capable of guarding and serving in the military. Several breeds were crossed to produce it, including Giant Schnauzer, Rottweiler, Airedale Terrier, and Newfoundland.

In 2004, the American Kennel Club acknowledged this dog breed and places it as a Working Group member.

Alternative Names for the Black Russian Terrier Dog Breed

Other names used to refer to a Black Russian Terrier are:

  • Blackies (mostly used in writing)
  • Russian Black Terrier
  • Black Terrier
  • Russkiy Tchiorny Terrier
  • Tchiorny Terrier
  • Terrier Noir Russe

Overview of the Black Russian Terrier Dog Species




It comes in different sizes: the standard size, which is the large variant, and the miniature size


10-12 years


Intelligent, versatile, loyal, strong, and protective


Black Russian Terrier price for a puppy ranges between $1800 and $3500. If you want to purchase one, the ads above for the Black Russian Terrier puppy for sale may be handy.

Black Russian Terrier Size and Appearance

  • Size: Black Russian Terriers’ weight is around 80-140 pounds, and their shoulder height is 27-30 inches.
  • Body: Blackies have a well-muscled and robust build, giving them a commanding appearance.
  • Head: Their head is big and blocky, with a well-developed nose and a strong muzzle. The ears are triangular, often cropped but can be left natural. The eyes are small and dark.
  • Coat: Blackies have thick double coats that are weather-resistant, with a soft undercoat and coarse outer layer. The coat is primarily solid black or black with some gray regions.

Black Russian Terrier Temperament and Personality Traits

  • Versatile working dog: Good at diverse roles like guarding, military and police work, search and rescue, and even as therapy dogs.
  • Protective and loyal: Black Russian Terriers are fiercely loyal to their families and will do whatever it takes to protect them.
  • Courageous and confident: They are not easily intimidated and can handle challenging situations with composure.
  • Intelligent and trainable: Black Russian Terriers are highly trainable and quick learners in various disciplines.
  • Strong and powerful: They are physically strong, contributing to their protective nature and working abilities. Their strength also makes them capable of tasks that require endurance and power. If you love strong dogs, the Boxer breed may pique your interest.
  • Affectionate: They strongly bond with their families, thrive on companionship, and enjoy being an integral part of the family unit.

Black Russian Terrier Grooming and Maintenance

The Black Russian Terrier needs regular grooming and maintenance to maintain a healthy coat. Brush your Blackie’s coat at least two to three times a week to avoid matting, and bathe it once every six to eight weeks.

You must also trim its nails and hairs around the face when they grow long. The coat needs to be trimmed after a while to maintain its shape and overall appearance. Owners usually take their Blackie to a professional groomer in the first days, but most of them, with time, learn how to trim the coat, mainly using clippers

Check and clean the ears frequently to prevent infections and maintain good dental hygiene by brushing their teeth several times weekly.

Training and Exercise Needs of the Black Russian Terrier

Black Russian Terriers are easy to train dogs. It is because they learn quickly due to their high intelligence. Utilize positive reinforcement, like food, praise, and play, to make the training sessions exciting.

Blackies have moderate to high exercise needs, so ensure they get more than 45 minutes of exercise a day. Some excellent activities they enjoy include:

  • Walks
  • Runs
  • Playtime/ off-leash activities in secure areas
  • Obedience training
  • Agility training

Don’t strain or overexert a Black Russian Terrier under 12 months old, as its skeletal system is not well developed and may easily get hurt at this age.

Exercise improves your Blackies general health and well-being and prevents boredom and destructive behaviors in your dog.

Feeding a Black Russian Terrier

The best diet for your Black Russian Terrier is a high-quality food that is either commercially manufactured or home-prepared through guidance from a veterinarian. Feed it twice daily at the same time each day, and make sure clean, fresh water is always available.

Be mindful of the Blackie’s age, size, activity level, and metabolism when deciding the quantity of food. Don’t overfeed it as it is prone to obesity. Give it treats in moderation, as providing excess treats may lead to weight gain. It is good to constantly check your dog’s body mass to ensure you are on the proper feeding track and consult a vet to understand the specific dietary needs of your Blackie.

Common Health Issues in Black Russian Terriers

All dog breeds are susceptible to certain diseases, although being generally healthy. Black Russian Terriers are prone to the following:

  • Hip dysplasia: It is an abnormal hip joint development and can result in pain and mobility concerns.
  • Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA): A degenerative disorder of the eye.
  • Hypothyroidism: A condition that affects the proper functioning of the thyroid gland.
  • Allergies: Some prevalent forms of allergy in Blackies is food, contact, and inhalant allergies.

If you are searching for ways to reduce or eliminate health risks, try the practices listed below.

Is a Black Russian Terrier What You Need?

To know if a Blackie fits you, you need to understand the pros and cons of owning it. They are: 



● Loyal and protective nature

● Versatile working abilities

● Intelligence and easy to train

● Low shedding

● Courageous and confident

● High exercise and mental stimulation needs

● High grooming requirements

● They are independent thinkers and may challenge their owners if not properly trained and socialized

Black Russian Terrier Price

A Black Russian Terrier costs around $1800-$3500 in the United States. This is the average price; you can come across some that are lower or higher than this cost. It is because many factors come into play, such as the dog's age, lineage, breeder, and location.

For instance, show-quality puppies or ones with exceptional lineage are usually sold at high prices. In contrast, Black Russian Terrier for adoption are sold for a few bucks, around $200 to $500, often covering vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and primary veterinary care.

If you want to make this dog breed part of your home, check out the ads at the top of this page for Black Russian Terrier puppies for sale near me. You can find all types of Black Russian Terriers, such as miniature Black Russian Terrier and Giant Schnauzer Black Russian Terrier.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are the Distinguishing Features of a Black Russian Terrier vs Giant Schnauzer?

Black Russian Terriers have many similarities with Giant Schnauzer. For starters, they have an almost identical appearance in shape, size, and coat. Also, Black Russian Terrier temperaments are similar to Giant Schnauzer's, as both were bred to be working dogs and efficient protectors. The differences are that Black Russian Terriers are large, bark less, are less popular in the USA, and have droopier ears than the Giant Schnauzer.

2. What Is a Black Russian Terrier Lifespan?

The life expectancy of a Black Russian Terrier is around 10-12 years.

3. How Much Is the Cost of Black Russian Terrier Puppies?

A Black Russian Terrier price for a puppy ranges between $1800 and $3500. Move to the top of this page to find Black Russian Terrier breeders.

4. Are Black Russian Terriers Guard Dogs?

Black Russian Terriers are fantastic guard dogs because they are loyal to their owners and families, protective of their territory, and suspicious of strangers. Also, their huge sizes easily instill fear in intruders.

5. Do Black Russian Terriers Like Swimming?

Yes. Blackies enjoy spending time in water (and even snow). So, give them the opportunity to swim. 

Bottom Line

All in all, Black Russian Terriers are giant dog breeds that the Soviet Union government originally designed to have diverse working capabilities to serve in the military. The current-day Blackies still have these abilities and others, like intelligence and unwavering loyalty to their families.

There are so many fun facts on Black Russian Terriers. Preview this article to learn more. We also have you covered if you want to buy this dog; there are sellers’ ads at the top of this page for Black Russian Terrier puppies for sale in the USA.