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About Newfoundland

This breed is commonly called Newfies, native to Newfoundland, Canada, and worked for fishermen. Newfies are well adapted to stay in water with webbed feet and water-resistant coats. Most people appreciate this canine for their sweet nature and energy to work.

Newfoundland is among the best gentle giants in dogs. Another unique trait of this breed is its love for children, which makes it an excellent family pet. Most people refer to it as a "nanny dog.” On the flip side, Newfoundland dogs drool a lot, but you can manage it to enjoy their striking personality.

To acquire this bundle of joy, check out our listings for Newfoundland puppies for sale near me. But if you want a mature dog, browse Newfoundland dogs for sale near me. Also, get professional tips to keep your pet healthy.

Newfoundland Historical Timelines

  • In the 19th Century, Newfies arrived in Canada
  • Newfoundland was recognized in the 20th century by AKC
  • Newfoundland Club has been serving since 1930

General Facts about Newfoundland

Personality – gentle, playful, calm, loving, cheerful, courageous, sweet

Relates to – other dogs, kids, and cats

Breed size – height of 67-71 cm and weight of 55-80 kg

Life expectancy – 8- 10 years

Coat type and color – water-resistant, heavy coats that are in black and white, grey, brown, and black

Litter size – 4-12 puppies

Health Problems That Affect Newfoundland

These canines are very adaptable and healthy, especially having originated in the harsh areas of North Canada. They will enjoy a long life if you provide them with a proper diet, preventative care, and vaccinations.

However, even with their resilience, they suffer from several medical issues. So, consider learning more about their health when searching for Newfoundland puppies for sale in Ohio or Newfoundlands for sale near me.

  • Heart – such as dilated cardiomyopathy and subaortic stenosis
  • Bloat – when gas or liquid fills the stomach and causes rapid expansion
  • Joint issues – examples like hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Bladder issues – bladder stones occur as a condition known as Cystinuria. This infection causes discomfort, infection, and inflammation. You may want to avoid other breeds that suffer from bladder stones, such as Black Russian Terrier.

Grooming Care for Newfoundland

This gentle giant has a heavy coat that automatically calls for more care. Additionally, this coat sheds regularly and gets dirt quickly. You will find hair on the furniture, floor, and clothing during the shedding season.

To regulate this mess, brush the coat twice daily during the shedding season and once in the non-shedding season. Brushing will prevent matting and also remove dirt stuck in the fur.

Moreover, maintain proper hygiene for the ears and the eyes. Wipe them to remove dirt, eliminate discharge, and reduce the chances of infections. Also, bathe the dog when dirty using approved shampoo for dogs. Finally, remember to trim the nails to prevent overgrowth that causes injuries and discomfort to your dog; those injuries act as secondary sources of infection.

What Should Newfoundland Diet Look Like?

Newfoundland has a huge appetite that matches their body size. Mature dogs must consume 1500 calories daily, which equals 4 cups of food. When buying this pet, it's best to talk with your veterinarian to calculate its required calories.

Divide your dog’s food into three meals. Select high-quality kibbles that are specified for large breeds. Keep your dog hydrated, especially during the warm weather; this will help in cooling and digestion.

Training and Exercise Tips for Newfoundland

Newfies are intelligent pups that can learn complex commands, tricks, and solid doggy habits. So, this breed requires someone with advanced experience in training to keep it engaged. It's easier to train a puppy than a mature dog, so apply these tricks if searching for a Newfoundland puppy for sale.

  • Use positive training techniques like rewards and praises
  • Be patient with your pup

Newfies utilize their playtime well in jumping, fetching, and running around. So, allocate your canine one hour daily of exercises like walking, swimming, and active play. Newfoundland will also enjoy playing fetch Frisbee, and having fun with water.

Remember your dog is sensitive to heat, so avoid training under hot sun to avoid overheating. Also, this canine suffers from joint issues, so ensure you don’t overwork them during activities.

These above expert tips will help bring up healthy and wonderful Newfoundland dogs. If you are wondering where to find a healthy pup, let’s connect you to credible breeders and rescue centers on our site. Acquire your pet by browsing our listing for Newfoundland puppies for sale pa or Newfoundland dogs for sale near me if you are in a different state.

 What are the Pros and Cons of Buying Newfoundland?


  • Loyal to their owners
  • Gentle with kids
  • Adapts quickly
  • Requires less exercise compared to other large breeds
  • Rarely barks or howls
  • Best house pets
  • Beautiful coat


  • It’s hectic to groom their coat
  • Drools a lot
  • They are heavy feeders
  • These dogs are massive dogs

Frequently Asked Questions about Newfoundland

1. How Can I Manage Drooling in My Newlfies?

  • Keep your pet's mouth dry after an activity
  • Feed the puppy regularly; they drool less when they are full
  • Put a rug on the floor where the seated is seated when eating or lying
  • Consult a veterinarian if there may be an underlying health condition like mouth injuries, neurological conditions

If you can't handle the drooling, you must avoid dogs such as Dogue de Bordeaux and Neapolitan Mastiff because they drool a lot.

2. What's Newfoundland Dog Price?

Newfoundland price for a puppy is between $1700 to $2500 if you purchase from a reputable breeder. But, if you want a puppy from a superior pedigree, it will cost you $3000 -$4000.  

3. Is Newfoundland a Good Watchdog?

Yes, this dog will bark and alert you when an intruder is in your compound. It goes the extra mile to defend the family if a situation escalates.

4. Which Breeds Are Similar to Newfoundland?

Some of the dogs that look like Newfoundland include:

  • Saint Benard
  • Great Pyrenees
  • Irish Wolfhound
  • Leonbrger
  • Mastiff

If you want to consider a different breed, Leonberger and Mastiff can be a good match with similar traits to Newfies.

5. Are Newfoundlands Easy to Handle?

No, these canines are challenging, especially for a novice dog owner. It's best to seek expert help to acquire this pet to ensure you meet and understand its needs.

To Finalize

Newfoundland is a perfect combo – loyal, gentle, large, and adorable. You will feel safe when it’s playing with socialized kids. Newfies will also accompany your family during fun moments like swimming.

Does this breed shed, drool, or bark? Well, we have discussed this dog's traits and personalities in this guide. It should help you make the final decision on owning Newfoundland. Additionally, we make your buying experience exciting by providing numerous listings of Landseer Newfoundland puppies for sale on our site.