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About Dorgi

Dorgi has distinctive features that you can’t find in other dogs. It’s skilled in scent hunting and likes cuddling with humans. Dorgi enjoys hunting rabbits and squirrels. This dog is known for its cuteness; it has a plump, long body, short legs, erect ears, and round eyes.

Dorgi is friendly, social, and adaptable to living in any environment. They enjoy living in large or small apartments but require more attention and exercise. Additionally, these dogs are good with kids. If you are considering Dorgi for your family, then read the care guide below. Also, check the ads above for Dorgis for sale near me or Dorgi dogs for sale.

The Origin and History of Dorgi

Dorgi is a crossbreed between Corgi and Dachshund. Its history isn’t well documented; thus, it's not clear about its origin. However, some sources indicate that this breed has a royal origin.

The late Queen Elizabeth II loved Corgis and kept many dogs in her home, while Sister Princess Margret had Dachshunds. Theories suggest that these breeds mated and produced some crossbred puppies that grew and became the famous Dorgies. Though the breeding idea is just a theory, there are facts that Queen Elizabeth II kept Corgis.

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General Overview of Dorgi

Common names

Dorgie, Dorgies


Height of 9-12 inches and weight of 15-28lbs


Guard dog, playfulness, barks, easy to train 

Coat length and color

 Black tan, blue, cream, red, sable, and chocolate


12-16 years


Long walks, fetch games

Litter size

2-5 puppies                         

Top speed

25 mph


Behavior of Dorgi

Dorgi is a devoted pet that will always be around you in all your duties. They like curling up with humans as a sign of affection to their family. Dorgis relates well with children and even other pets. Their love for their families and socialization makes them suffer from separation anxiety in case they are left alone at home. One of the most tasking needs for this breed is giving them attention.

Additionally, the Dorgi breed is playful and has strong herding and hunting instincts. Despite their small size, they are courageous and alert. Dorgis are also protective and will make the best watchdogs for your family. If something is amiss in your compound, this pet will alert you.

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How Should You Care for Dorgi Breed?               

Before becoming a Dorgi owner, it's best to know its living needs and plan how to meet them. Below are details on how to care for your pet:

Food and Diet Requirements

Dorgis are small and active dogs and thus need high-quality food with plenty of proteins. You can feed them wet food, dry kibbles, or a mix. But, it’s best always to use a variety of foods and observe what the dog prefers.

Ensure you control the food portions and limit the fats to keep the dog’s weight in check. Even when you offer treats to the dog, it’s best to account for it by rationing their food.  

Exercise and Training

Dorgis require exercise for at least one hour every day. Engage your Dorgi in walks, fetch games, or dog sports. However, it's best to avoid overtasking them due to their short legs and long backs, as it can strain them. Also, avoid asking your dog to jump down from a height; this will strain their spine and cause severe back issues.

Dorgis do well in training as they are brilliant and active. They grasp command and tricks easily, but sometimes they become stubborn. Start training the puppies when they are still young, apply some positive tricks, and have short, fun sessions.

Potential Health Issues

Dorgis suffer from some minor health issues such as patella luxation, cataracts, weight gain, and eye problems. Other severe conditions that affect this breed include:


Dorgis don't shed much, but they require regular grooming. Make a routine of brushing them weekly to remove the loose hairs. If your Dorgi has a thick coat, then brush their coats daily.

Ensure you also examine their ears for infection and clean them regularly. If dirt builds up, it can lead to bacterial infections. Furthermore, you should trim the nails to prevent cracking and splitting. There more tips here on nail care for your Dorgi. Moreover, maintain good oral hygiene for your pet to prevent dental issues.  

What is the Cost of Dorgi Puppy?

Dorgi is a relatively cheap breed that you can easily acquire. Dorgi puppy price ranges between $500 to $2000 depending on the parent’s pedigree and coat color. Some puppies also cost between $200 -$700, depending on your location. So, do you want to own a Corgi Dachshund mix, preview the ads posted above for Dorgi puppies for sale USA or Dorgi dogs for sale?

Which are the Reasons for Owning a Dorgi?


  • Relates well with pets
  • Its friendly and desires attention and human interaction
  • Can stay both indoors or outdoors
  • It's easily trained
  • Easy to groom
  • Best choice for homes with children
  • Perfect watchdog


  • Frequent barkers
  • It suffers from separation anxiety
  • Their long body leads to back issues when strained

NB: Apart from Dorgis, other dogs have long backs, such as Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Basset Hounds

 Frequently Asked Questions          

1. Do Dorgis have Health Issues?

Dorgis suffers mostly suffer from structural problems due to their long back. They also get other health threats like patella luxation, eye problems, and obesity.

2. What are the Characteristics of a Dorgi?

Corgi is an energetic dog that likes running and playing. They are gentle with children and get along fine with other dogs. They are also friendly and sociable but tend to bark a lot.

3. What is the Dorgi Diet?

The favorite food for Dorgi depends on its life stage and energy needs. However, the Dorgi will enjoy high-quality proteins, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, vegetables, and berries.

4. What is the Difference Between Corgi and Dorgi?

These two breeds may look similar to someone for the first time, but they are different. Corgi originated in the early 1000 AD, but Dorgi is a recent breed. Corgi is slightly taller than Dorgi and also weighs more.

5. How Long is Dorgi?

Dorgi can get as long as 2 feet. Dorgi inherited this trait from one of the parents, the Dachshund.

In Conclusion

Dorgis can make noble companions if you give them attention and care to guarantee their health and joy. Ensure you get someone to take care of your pet if you are away most of the time. Your Dorgi will become loyal, affectionate, and protective of your family.

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