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About Beaglier

Are you searching for a loving companion that is a mix of two popular breeds? Look no further; we have the best breed mix, Beaglier. This hybrid has excellent traits, amazing appearance, and temperament. It is also a playful dog and loyal to its owner.

Learn more about living with this pet and taking care of it. Also, find where to get Beaglier puppy for sale.

What’s the origin of Beaglier?

The beagle breed was developed in Australia in the 1990s. This breed is a mix of two breeds; Beagle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Beaglier is a small dog, just like Barbet. This breed is becoming famous in the United States and other parts of the globe.

Beaglier was first bred in England to track small games such as rabbits and hares. If you are looking for a companion and affectionate pet, you are just in the right place. Look at the Beaglier for sale ads at the top of this page and order your pet.

Learn more Beagle facts here.

General Overview of Beaglier

Type of breed

Beagle-terrier mix/hybrid


13-15 inches


15-30 pounds

Life span

10-15 years


Loyal, energetic, playful, and friendly

Coat colors

Brown, white, black, or tricolor

Coat appearance

Wavy and silky coats

Litter size

Six puppies


Playing fetch, walking, and hikes


Beaglier has similar traits to Border Terriers, such as temperament and mental and physical stimulation activities. Check our Border Terrier article to learn more.

If you want to own Beaglier, find the best Beaglier breeders near you or seek Beaglier puppies for adoption.

How Does Beaglier Look Like?

Beagliers have the best physical traits that they acquired from purebred parents. These physical features include:

  • Eyes are dark, and a short muzzle
  • Soft floppy ears
  • Coat colors can be white, black, tan, brown, and cream, and have two- and three-color combinations.

Beaglier’s Temperament

This dog is excellent with kids and all family members making it the best pet for a family. They are calm, especially in peaceful environments. This dog likes being around family activities and having fun or pleasing them.

On the downside, Beagliers are hard to train and fail to respond to punishment-based training.   The best technique that works for them is firm, positive methods.   

Again, this dog is very adaptable. It relates well with cats and other dogs. To ensure your dog gains the best socialization skills, train it at an early age. Additionally, Beaglier can live in various settings, such as apartments, single homes, and rural farms.

Beaglier is becoming a famous family pet due to its charming temperament. Remember to view the Beaglier puppies for sale ads and acquire one today. Again, consider reading more about other lovely breeds like Boston Terriers.

How to Care for Beaglier?

Beaglier has a petite body; thus, it requires moderate maintenance. However, there are key practices that you should pay attention to, like grooming and exercises. Note that this dog is a heavy shedder, thus, frequent grooming is necessary. Again, its shedding pattern is critical if you are living with children or allergic individuals.

  • Grooming – Beaglier requires daily brushing to remove the excess hair from its coat. You should also bathe it when necessary to avoid destroying its coat. Remember to clean your ears, trim your nails and brush your teeth.
  • Exercises – allow your pet to exercise, like taking walks or playing with toys. Exercise helps the dog utilize the excess energy positively and maintain health. Though the dog can survive in a small apartment, you should have an outdoor one for running and playing.
  • Health – crossbreeding is thought to improve the health and even the appearance of the breed, but for Beaglier, this is not the case. This dog suffers from various illnesses, such as ear infections, joints, dwarfism, thyroid issues, eye, and epilepsy.
  • Nutrition – this breed requires a high-quality kibble diet with all the minerals such as protein, high fat, and vitamins. Again their calorie intake should be increased since they are very active dogs.

Pros and Cons of Beaglier


  • Friendly – this dog is friendly with everyone, including children and other pets.
  • Low-maintenance – requires moderate exercise and grooming needs
  • Smart – it's easily trainable
  • Loyal – Beagliers are loyal and form great companions.


  • Barks a lot when bored or excited
  • It’s not suitable for homes with small yards
  • Beagles can be stubborn, and it's best to give them consistent training
  • It's prone to many infections

Why Should You Consider Beaglier for Your Family?

Are you having a conflict about whether to choose Beaglier or not? We have made this task easy by highlighting the breed's pros and cons. We also have a summary of the traits of why it's a good choice for your family:

  • Beaglier forms a good relationship with kids. It’s gentle and likes playing.
  • This breed requires low maintenance, as your pet
  • Beaglier socializes well with other pets
  • This pet is friendly and affectionate; it likes to cuddle and play.

What is the Price of Beaglier?

Beaglier cost can vary depending on the location and the breeder. The price of Beaglier puppies ranges from $500 - $2000. The adult dogs are cheap and cost around $ 500 -$ 1000.  

Some of the factors that affect the price of Beaglier include:

  • Breeder - credible breeders usually charge more than backyard ones. Certified breeders usually do health tests for their dogs and guarantee the best quality, thus, a higher price.
  • Location – a breed may be more popular in some parts than others. In the areas with higher demand, the prices become higher.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What are the Health Concerns of a Beaglier?

Beagliers are prone to various health issues, just like their parents. These common health conditions include eye and ear infections, heart disease, epilepsy, and hip dysplasia.

2. Are Beagliers Still Popular?

Yes, these dogs are still famous in the United States and have high numbers in Europe. There are also so many breeders in the US that are selling this breed. Beaglier population is also spreading fast in other countries globally.

3. What is the Personality of a Beaglier?

 Beaglier is a lovely dog that you can keep. It has a cheerful, friendly, and loving personality. If you address the dog's needs, it will become a loyal and amazing pet.

4. Is Beaglier Suitable for Older People?

Beagliers are the best companions for senior citizens due to their friendly nature. Again their high energy and love for exercise help older people to stay active.  

5. Can I Get Beaglier Puppies for Sale Near Me?

Yes, we have Beaglier puppies for sale in all states. If you reside in Texas, California, Washington, and any other state in the USA, view our best offers.

In a Nutshell

If you’re overwhelmed by the attractive features and incredible facts about Beaglier, you should acquire one. Our site provides you with the best Breeders and quality dog-keeping content. Browse the Beaglier puppy for sale in your nearest location and order yours today.